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Friday, February 3, 2017

Population Growth

People are taking to the streets to protest President Trump's immigration Executive Order.  One might well ask :  Who are these people?  First of all one can be certain that they are not loyal Americans because if they were they wouldn't be so eager to sacrifice our standard of living and quality of life by promoting excessive population growth through unfettered immigration .  We might also wonder why they would agitate in favor of  refugees who do not share our values?  What  do these agitators have in common with people who stone adulteresses on the flimsiest evidence, cut off the hands of thieves, order the murder of apostates and infidels?  Don't they even comprehend that they themselves are infidels?  Why is it no one explains to the world and to the refugees that it is these 13th Century practices inherent to Islam and the Koran that are abhorrent to us?

Europe used to be a center of great learning and culture.  Now by virtue of its own policies it is in danger of sliding back into the Dark Ages as Islam creeps across the land and beautiful Christian cathedrals are converted into Mosques where the preaching of sedition and anti-infidel rhetoric is a common occurrence.

Some are what is commonly known as bleeding heart liberals.  Few would argue with them that we need to address the needs of the economically vulnerable by remedying injustice, engaging in benevolence, fostering mutual aid, and encouraging the flourishing of free markets is both practically and morally important.  The disagreement arises with  regard  to how far one is obligated to go in sacrificing one's own economic and psychic well-being and whether it is proper to advocate measures which would fall heavily on those  who abhor confiscatory taxation and immigration policies which tend to take from those who have earned or possess it  in order to give it to those who have not or who envy the good-fortune those who live in better circumstances.

Most of this mindless rabble haven't even contemplated what would be the optimum U.S. and world populations.   Until they do they are like  reckless teenage drivers whose brains are  not fully developed.  Thee is evidence to support  the steady decline in our standard of living as our population continued to grow.  Is it the desire of these demonstrators to reduce our standard of living until it is in equilibrium with that elsewhere on the globe?   If they have not experienced the poverty, joblessness, disease , overcrowding, crime and oligarchies  first hand , they should be careful what they wish for.

We should be advocating for that optimum population level  that best serves our citizens and not be swayed by those foreigners and illegal aliens who would compromise our standard of living to accommodate millions of their brethren and others from cultures  and religious totally at odds with the basic concepts of American democracy