Working for logical immigation reform based on a stable population, a recognition of the finite nature of our natural resources and the adverse impact of continued growth on our quality of life, standard of living, national interest, character, language, sovereignty and the rule of law. Pushing back and countering the disloyal elements in American society and the anti-American rhetoric of the leftwing illegal alien lobbies. In a debate, when your opponents turn to name calling, it's a good sign you've already won.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flash from the Front

African-American and Hispanic men, who bear a disproportionate share of U.S. HIV cases, were two to three times more likely than whites to have concurrent sex partners.

"This study sheds light on the epidemic of heterosexually transmitted HIV in the U.S. -- especially among African Americans and Hispanics," Dr. Adaora A. Adimora, the study's lead author, told Reuters Health.

This is not a cartoon! Repeat not a cartoon!

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Let's Stop Welcoming Illegal Aliens.

A panel of experts took on the issue Oct. 9 as part of the Intelligence Squared U.S. series. The proposition was "Let's Stop Welcoming Undocumented Immigrants." In an Oxford-style debate modeled on a program begun in London in 2002, three panelists argued for the proposition and three against.

The debate was held at the Asia Society and Museum in New York City and was moderated by John Hockenberry, a former reporter with both National Public Radio and NBC News, and co-host of an upcoming public radio program produced by WNYC.

In a vote before the debate, 42 percent of the audience supported the proposition and 34 percent opposed it, while 24 percent said they were undecided. After the debate, the audience voted 60 percent in support, 37 percent against and 3 percent undecided.

Creating Social Problems by Lack of Enforcement

Heather Mac Donald, a John M. Olin fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor to City Journal, says: "The ongoing violation of our immigration laws has reversed the traditional roles in a sovereign nation. It is now people living outside our border who determine our immigration policy, not Americans. The facts that result from this constant violation are these: A significant portion of the children of illegal Mexicans and Central Americans are adopting an underclass culture, as anyone can verify for himself by looking at social statistics or spending time in heavily Hispanic schools. Until we figure out how to prevent this from happening, our unrestricted immigration flows guarantee social problems for years into the future."

Curbing Illegal Aliens through Attrition

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies and a contributor to the National Review, says: "What we really need in ending this 'welcome' is to pursue what I like to call a 'firewall' strategy. Make it not just difficult to get in the country, which is something we need to do, but also make it hard to gain access to the important institutions of our society ... so that it becomes as difficult as possible to be an illegal immigrant. So you can't get a driver's license, you can't get a job, etc. Only in that way can we successfully dissuade new illegal immigrants from sneaking into the country and persuade some significant portion of those to leave. ... I describe that as an 'attrition' policy. In other words, not magically eliminating the illegal immigration problem, but causing the illegal immigrant population ... instead of growing every year, to start declining every year."

Unskilled Labor Shortage???

Vernon M. Briggs Jr., professor emeritus at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, says: "It's hard to make any argument that there is a great shortage of unskilled workers, when the highest unemployment rates in the United States are held by those who have the lowest level of education. ... This labor market is in surplus, and that's the problem. Why income levels at the bottom don't go up, wages at the bottom don't go up, why income distribution in this country is [becoming] increasingly skewed, heading toward greater inequality. ... We all know that if undocumented workers were pouring into the professional, elite ranks of this country, if they were coming into the professor ranks or the lawyer ranks or the doctors' ranks or the business executive ranks, this issue would have been solved a long time ago."

20 Questions a Journalist Should Ask about Poll Results

  1. Who did the poll?
  2. Who paid for the poll and why was it done?
  3. How many people were interviewed for the survey?
  4. How were those people chosen?
  5. What area (nation, state, or region) or what group (teachers,lawyers, Democratic voters, etc.) were these people chosen from?
  6. Are the results based on the answers of all the people interviewed?
  7. Who should have been interviewed and was not? Or do response rates matter?
  8. When was the poll done?
  9. How were the interviews conducted?
  10. What about polls on the Internet or World Wide Web?
  11. What is the sampling error for the poll results?
  12. Who’s on first?
  13. What other kinds of factors can skew poll results?
  14. What questions were asked?
  15. In what order were the questions asked?
  16. What about "push polls?"
  17. What other polls have been done on this topic? Do they say the same thing? If they are different, why are they different?
  18. What about exit polls?
  19. What else needs to be included in the report of the poll?
  20. So I've asked all the questions. The answers sound good. Should we report the result

Neurosis Democratica

Paul Revere 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Religious Ethics and Family Values

In a recent letter to the editor of the Denver Post, a writer lamented the fact that religious leaders are very proud of their efforts on marriage and family issues yet have been deadly quiet on the SCHIP veto by President Bush. The writer goes on to accuse the leaders of wanting those children to be born (anti-abortion) but not wanting to support them when they are in need of health care or other costly services.

The writer is at least partially correct. The religious leaders should have spoken out praising Bush for his courage in vetoing the excesses represented by the doubling of the number of persons eligible for SCHIP. A strong advocacy for vasectomies, tubal ligations, and family planning as an alternative to abortion rights would have made more sense than an attack on religious leaders who oppose abortion.

Unbridled growth is taxing the South's water supplies

The Southeast is thirsty. Because of a record drought, Atlanta now has 87 days of drinking water left if rain doesn't fall soon. Raleigh, N.C., has 97 days. Some restaurants in Atlanta aren't offering drinking water unless asked. Farmers in North Carolina are so low on hay that they've begun selling cattle. And dams along the Savannah River have gotten to such low levels this summer they've fallen short of generating the hydropower promised to help keep the region's air conditioners blasting.

Most of the blame at the moment is falling squarely on historically low rainfall. But an equally important culprit has been the unbridled growth of the Southeast in the past 50 years. The region's abundance of cheap water has long fueled development. Now economists fear that the parched earth could become the most important constraint on the region's growth. "Even if the current drought ended tomorrow, we'd still be facing a crisis 12 to 15 years from now," says Sam A. Williams, president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Williams is in the midst of a battle for more water from the Army Corps of Engineers and is pushing for a statewide water management plan.

We need a Corps of Population Engineers to solve the long term problem of unfettered population growth.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Open Letter to Senator Salazar

Thank you for your email response regarding the expansion of the SCHIP program recently vetoed by the President. Although we disagree with you, we do appreciate hearing from you and getting your point of view.

No one denies the desirability of healthy children and adults. However, we view this as first and foremost the responsibility of parents and other adults. An income eligibility of 185 -200% of the federal poverty level ($20,650 for a family of four) plus and an exemption of most family assets clearly absolves many in the middle class from the responsibility for their own health care. Since the advent of health savings accounts, parents are in a better position to fund their own health insurance needs, especially for potentially catastrophic health care problems.

By exempting most of a family’s assets, we put them in a position to own one or more cars, their home, color TVs, cell phones and all manner of other luxury items. As a minimum, these folks should be required to use public transportation before they become eligible for SCHIP. We should not be relieving these folks of their personal responsibilities while depriving their neighbors of the opportunity to accumulate resources for their own health care needs and retirement. What SCHIP does is expand a welfare program just when we are trying to dig our way out the welfare mistakes of the past.

Families need to re-evaluate their priorities and make sure food, shelter and health care are at the top of the list, not somewhere below autos, TVs and cell phones.

Instead of thinking about how to increase welfare programs, we should be thinking about how to reduce the need for such programs. There are a number of ways to do this:

1. Eliminate any incentive parents might have for a family size beyond their means to support, educate and provide health care for. Tax-exemptions for children should be limited to two per family.

2. Pass legislation to curb the abuses of amendment 14 by requiring that at least one parent of a child to be a citizen before the child has birthright citizenship. Delay such citizenship until age 18.

3. Expeditiously repatriate many of the illegal aliens whose children claim benefits needed by other citizens. Minor children must accompany deported parents.

4. Make illegal presence in this country a felony.

5. Get on with the infrastructure improvements at the border using apprehended illegals to do some of the work.

6. Deny entry into this country to those in need of medical treatment. Instead partner with our neighbors to the north and the south to create a string of triage and obstetrical hospitals within few miles of the border on their side both at the ports of entry and in between. Foreign nationals who present themselves at the border in need of medical care must be quickly transported to one of these hospitals by ambulance or helicopter as the case warrants. These hospitals should be staffed by Mexican or Canadian doctors and nurses.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Federal/Local Cooperation on Illegals

Dole Announces that N.C. Sheriffs to Partner with Federal Immigration Officials to Identify, Apprehend and Remove Criminal Illegal Aliens
First state in the nation to have statewide plan

Carolina Beach, N.C. – U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole today announced that North Carolina has been designated as the first state in the nation to have a statewide plan for sheriffs to partner with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to effectively handle illegal aliens who have committed crimes. Under the plan, ICE will provide programs and services that will support the specific needs of sheriffs throughout North Carolina.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Flash from the Front

The Dalai Lama has publicly lamented the influx of ethnic Chinese into Tibet that will leave Tibetans as a minority in their own country.

Meanwhile, violent political rallies have upset the peace and tranquility of Switzerland where misguided liberal policies have created a situation where one out of five is foreign born. The native Swiss believe their laws, culture, customs and their very identity are being threatened. They have outlawed minarets near mosques. Some believe the foreign born are taking undue advantage of the privileges offered by Switzerland.

In France, a DNA test is required for anyone claiming to be a relative of a legal resident and who is seeking entry. In the Netherlands, a language and culture test is required of immigrants.

Sounds familiar doesn't it? And yet, the pro-illegals continue to have no appreciation for the interest of real Americans in preserving their language, culture and identity.

We are not alone!

Under the Dome

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A New Citizenship Test

1. What does the phrase "rule of law" mean? Why is it important?
2. What happens to a society when it fails to observe the rule of law?
3. What is the single most unifying force in a society?
4. What happens when you spread finite natural resources over an ever expanding population?
5. What is meant by the term "sovereignty"? Why is it important?
6. At what age are citizens allowed to vote?
7. At what age are illegal aliens allowed to vote?
8. What is the penalty for voting illegally?
9. What is the significance of being deported involuntarily?
10. Is it legal to fly a foreign flag above the American flag?
11. How do you define loyalty to the United States?
12. Do you think every baby born in the U.S. should be awarded birthright citizenship even if neither parent is a citizen?
13. If you achieve citizenship, will you vote for the best candidate? the candidate of your race or ethnicity? only the candidates in your political party?
14. How do you rank your loyalty to family vs. loyalty to country?
15. If a person favored loyalty to foreigners or foreign nations over loyalty to the U.S. , would you consider him or her a traitor?
16. Should repatriation of illegal aliens be expedited and given a high priority?
17. Will too many foreign-born individuals adversely affect America?
18. How will population growth affect extinction of species, traffic congestion, depletion of natural resources, pollution, crime, drug trafficking, disease, poverty and joblessness?
19. Is there a danger illegal aliens will re-create the very conditions they fled their homelands to escape?
20. What will that mean for the quality of life and standard of living in the U.S.?
21. If both decline, will that affect you personally?

The Attack of T-Rex Mexicana

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Muslim Mau-Mauing

Rod Dreher

One Dallas journo’s experience

Two years after standing on the Brooklyn Bridge and watching the second tower fall, I joined the Dallas Morning News. My wife, a native Dallasite, praises our new city as “a September 10 kind of place.” She means that the anxieties attending our post-9/11 New York life simply don’t exist here. The downside is that people lull themselves into a false sense of security about the Muslim community. From where I sit, it looks to me as though the entire mainstream media also live in a September 10 kind of place. We—and I say “we” because I’m part of the dreaded MSM—really don’t want to know what’s happening among Muslims in Dallas, Brooklyn, or anywhere else.

Dallas is home to a large and relatively prosperous Muslim community. The Dallas Central Mosque is Texas’s largest. The area’s Muslims, though, have had a contentious relationship in recent years with the Dallas Morning News, mostly because of the paper’s groundbreaking 2001 reporting on the Holy Land Foundation, whose leadership is now under federal terrorism indictment. Since then, local Muslim leaders have engaged in a running dialogue with the News, with the declared aim of improving relations.

It was in that spirit that Sayyid Syeed, then head of the Islamic Society of North America, came in, together with a local delegation, to see the editorial board a few months after I arrived from New York in 2003. Syeed made a laborious presentation about how journalists needed to join with the organization in promoting peace, tolerance, and reconciliation. I knew something about ISNA and asked Syeed why—if his group truly supported peace and suchlike—its board included members directly linked to Islamic extremism and anti-Semitism, including the notorious Wahhabi-trained Brooklyn imam Siraj Wahhaj. The professorial Syeed dropped his polite mask, shook his fist at me, told me that I would one day “repent,” and compared my question with a Nazi inquisition.

Third World Country

Tom Wolff, celebrated author of The Bonfire of the Vanities, had this to say about the third world in the U.S. . "It's the third world down there! Puerto Ricans, West Indians, Haitians, Dominicans, Cubans, [Mexicans], Columbians, Hondurans, Koreans, Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, Equadorians, Panamanians, Filipinos, Albanians, Senegalese, and Afro-Americans." p. 7.

Was he referring to the magnificent multicultural society Dee likes to tout? Does what he has written confirm Tom Tancredo's characterization of Little Havana as the third world?

Flag Day for Pro-illegals

Friday, October 12, 2007

Repatriation in Perspective

Lest we be bamboozled or befuddled by what some who refer to "the reality of our enormous illegal alien population", the following might be of interest. The "Report of the Tripartite Conference" published on August 2, 1945 at Potsdam, contained special provisions on the "orderly transfers to Germany of German populations or elements thereof, remaining in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary." On November 20, 1945, at the twelfth meeting of the Allied Control Council in Berlin, arrangements were completed for the organized transports in conformity with Article XIII of the Potsdam Agreement. Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary were to send regularly scheduled transports of their respective Volksdeutsche into the then boundaries of Germany where the German civil authorities of each zone of occupation, in cooperation with the military occupation authorities, would receive them. This organized movement of transports was scheduled to begin on December 1, 1945. It was agreed to ship about 28,000 persons per day, the whole operation to be concluded by July 31, 1946, so that the anticipated transfer would amount to six and one-half million persons.

The official transfers, however, were only a part of the total expellee movement. The population census taken on October 29, 1946, in all four occupation zones and in Berlin registered 9,688,000 expellees.

So let's not hear anymore nonsense from Congress or any other quarter about the impracticality of repatriating most of the illegal aliens while replacing some with legal immigrants who have abided by the law.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

An Old Story

An old story with a new twist. See MATT Blog video of flag story from Reno.

Hilarious Hillary

It makes me dyspeptic to think about it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mexico Norte o Busto

Danger Ahead -- Too Many People!

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The global economic boom has accelerated greenhouse gas emissions to a dangerous threshold not expected for a decade and could potentially cause irreversible climate change, said one of Australia's leading scientists.

Tim Flannery, a world recognized climate change scientist and Australian of the Year in 2007, said a U.N. international climate change report due in November will show that greenhouse gases have already reached a dangerous level.

Flannery said the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report will show that greenhouse gas in the atmosphere in mid-2005 had reached about 455 parts per million of carbon dioxide equivalent -- a level not expected for another 10 years.

"We thought we'd be at that threshold within about a decade," Flannery told Australian television late on Monday.

"We thought we had that much time. But the new data indicates that in about mid-2005 we crossed that threshold," he said.

"What the report establishes is that the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is already above the threshold that could potentially cause dangerous climate change."