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Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's Stop Welcoming Illegal Aliens.

A panel of experts took on the issue Oct. 9 as part of the Intelligence Squared U.S. series. The proposition was "Let's Stop Welcoming Undocumented Immigrants." In an Oxford-style debate modeled on a program begun in London in 2002, three panelists argued for the proposition and three against.

The debate was held at the Asia Society and Museum in New York City and was moderated by John Hockenberry, a former reporter with both National Public Radio and NBC News, and co-host of an upcoming public radio program produced by WNYC.

In a vote before the debate, 42 percent of the audience supported the proposition and 34 percent opposed it, while 24 percent said they were undecided. After the debate, the audience voted 60 percent in support, 37 percent against and 3 percent undecided.

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tweety said...

I thought you might enjoy reading this article Ultima, titled "U.S. Water Supplies in Crisis".
All we need is more people in this country, right?