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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Open Letter to Senator Salazar

Thank you for your email response regarding the expansion of the SCHIP program recently vetoed by the President. Although we disagree with you, we do appreciate hearing from you and getting your point of view.

No one denies the desirability of healthy children and adults. However, we view this as first and foremost the responsibility of parents and other adults. An income eligibility of 185 -200% of the federal poverty level ($20,650 for a family of four) plus and an exemption of most family assets clearly absolves many in the middle class from the responsibility for their own health care. Since the advent of health savings accounts, parents are in a better position to fund their own health insurance needs, especially for potentially catastrophic health care problems.

By exempting most of a family’s assets, we put them in a position to own one or more cars, their home, color TVs, cell phones and all manner of other luxury items. As a minimum, these folks should be required to use public transportation before they become eligible for SCHIP. We should not be relieving these folks of their personal responsibilities while depriving their neighbors of the opportunity to accumulate resources for their own health care needs and retirement. What SCHIP does is expand a welfare program just when we are trying to dig our way out the welfare mistakes of the past.

Families need to re-evaluate their priorities and make sure food, shelter and health care are at the top of the list, not somewhere below autos, TVs and cell phones.

Instead of thinking about how to increase welfare programs, we should be thinking about how to reduce the need for such programs. There are a number of ways to do this:

1. Eliminate any incentive parents might have for a family size beyond their means to support, educate and provide health care for. Tax-exemptions for children should be limited to two per family.

2. Pass legislation to curb the abuses of amendment 14 by requiring that at least one parent of a child to be a citizen before the child has birthright citizenship. Delay such citizenship until age 18.

3. Expeditiously repatriate many of the illegal aliens whose children claim benefits needed by other citizens. Minor children must accompany deported parents.

4. Make illegal presence in this country a felony.

5. Get on with the infrastructure improvements at the border using apprehended illegals to do some of the work.

6. Deny entry into this country to those in need of medical treatment. Instead partner with our neighbors to the north and the south to create a string of triage and obstetrical hospitals within few miles of the border on their side both at the ports of entry and in between. Foreign nationals who present themselves at the border in need of medical care must be quickly transported to one of these hospitals by ambulance or helicopter as the case warrants. These hospitals should be staffed by Mexican or Canadian doctors and nurses.


tweety said...

You rock, Ultima!

Dee said...

Gosh Ulty,
I do agree with some of what you say, however, for some of your recommendations, it sounds like you are recommending a Military State.

1. Define “beyond their means”. Are you planning on mandating criteria that defines this?
2. What a sneaky way to try and change the 14th Amendment. This will never change. Many have explained this to you previously.
3. Expeditiously repatriate. A PC Term for Mass Deportation. Solution: Expeditiously establish a Guest Worker status or Path to Citizenship.
4. If the 12M are made legal, there will be no illegal presence.
5. Advocating Slave Labor are we?
6. We do need secure borders. I do agree with this recommendation. I believe we do need an enhanced agreement with neighboring countries to care for the ill. They should care for theirs, we, ours, however in certain cases, there may be agreement to help each other.

ultima said...

"Define “beyond their means”. Are you planning on mandating criteria that defines this?"

"Beyond their means" should be fairly obvious to most. The feds already define the poverty level at $20,650 for a family of four. If you are classified as in poverty with two children, it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to define what is and what is not beyond your means and to provide a stop sign on the road to irresponsible procreation.

Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

ultima said...

"What a sneaky way to try and change the 14th Amendment. This will never change. Many have explained this to you previously."

Birthright Citizenship Act of 2007 (Introduced in House)[H.R.1940.IH]

ultima said...

"Expeditiously repatriate. A PC Term for Mass Deportation."

No, if I meant mass deportation, I would have said so. Expeditious means once an illegal is apprehended,an immigration judge should render a decision within 24 hours. Appeals should then be limited to within one week. This is an individual by individual decision and appeal not a mass roundup or deportation. But surely you knew that if you read my post.

ultima said...

"Advocating Slave Labor are we?"

Not exactly. No one can be compelled to work but they may wish to do so to earn a little money over and above their keep. They might even be able to earn early release from detention centers if there is a hold up on their deportation appeals. It just seems appropriate that those who violate our borders should be required to help strengthen them, sort of a form of restitution for the costs we incur to apprehend, detain and deport them. This doesn't seem unreasonable to me. German officers interned as prisoners of war here in Colorado often volunteered to work in agricultural jobs even though as officers they didn't have to. It was just better than sitting around doing nothing.

ultima said...

"it sounds like you are recommending a Military State."

Perhaps so, but I am really looking for a solution to the problem.

You say if we make the 12 million legal then there is no problem. This is false reasoning because if one applies it to all of the problems we have, we will soon find out that we can't just define them away. We could solve prison problems by just turning all the criminal loose. That's the kind of non-solution you are proposing. Remember this letter to Salazar pertained to the outrageous expansion of SCHIP. Obviously, mass legalization compounds that problem rather than solving it.

ultima said...

With regard to medical care, I am a strong advocate of the triage and obstetrical hospitals I have proposed. Add to that a requirement that employers provide family health care coverage for all foreign employees and we will have taken two giants steps toward solving the immigration problem.