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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mexico Norte o Busto


Dee said...

Your cartoons Ulty, are so xxxist. How do you like it?

Dee said...

One more for you Ulty.

Dee said...

Remember, I am just mirroring your argument.

ultima said...

I don't believe my cartoons are racist. They just express the general point of view that illegal aliens are, well, illegal. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

You have made a poor comparison of my cartoons with those in your links.
There is no connection.

Please explain why you think my cartoons are racist? Did you know that farmers in Wisconsin often used shotguns loaded with saltpeter or rocksalt on those they caught in their melon patches? How much more serious is the problem of illegal aliens than kids stealing a few watermelons?

The last one I posted is just a fact. The desert is dangerous for those seeking Mexico Norte. That is undeniable.

I guess if I could find a cartoon that I could modify to show illegals mushing across the Canadian border and maybe freezing in the process,I would post that too. It has nothing to do with racism.

Take another look at my cartoons in the light of the above comments and then compare them with yours.

After all declaring open season on illegals is basically what ICE has been doing in its roundups in various places. That is the sense in which my cartoon should be interpreted. Open season does not imply "shoot to kill on sight" nor does it mean run over the illegals because you won't be prosecuted. (Perhaps you have already forgotten about the two BP agents who were prosecuted for doing their job.) It means getting serious about protecting our borders. A little rock salt in the butt might be more effective than a 16 foot fence with 20 foot ladders readily available in Mexico. Halfway measures are useless. Let's get serious about border control and enforcement -- that is the basic message of my cartoons.

Your mirror is straight out of the funny house and equally distorting.

Dee said...

Mine aren´t either. They are factual.

Dee said...

come over and tell me what you think about robert reich´s blog. I value your feedback!

Anonymous said...

None of her cartoons are factual, Ultima. No citizen I know of would run over someone just because they are "brown" and the MM are not members of the KKK as she implies in her cartoon.

ultima said...

"Remember, I am just mirroring your argument."

Remind me again. What is my argument?