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Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Dee said...

This is just bogus rhetoric.
This so called flag incident was probably put up by MMs.

I saw the original from 2005. Totally baseless.

Anonymous said...

Ultima, as in the recent incident where that bar owner flew the Mexican flag above the American flag, it was of the bar owners doing not the MM.

Also, remember Maywood where the American flag was taken down from the Post Office and replaced by the Mexican flag? Who did that? It was Hispanics, not the MM.

ultima said...

Dee's memory is fleeting and incomplete. She likes to blame everything on the MM -- talk about bogus rhetoric. She cannot so easily explain away her position on illegal immigration and those who support the 12 million illegals in this country. I think that is the point of these cartoons. Whether they are out there flying a foreign flag alone or above and upside down U.S. flag or simply taking the part of foreigners, one can conclude only one thing about their loyalty.

Dee said...

Ulty, As I said, baseless.

Dr. Dee took this Xray of you

Heres my prescription and call me in the morning.