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Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Dee said...


Until you are ready to sit down and have a civil discussion, all the red faced anger, rhetoric and baseless cartoons will just delay the discussion and make your side look bad.

Anonymous said...

Ultima, as we all know it is against code and considered disrespectful to fly the flag of a foreign country above the American flag. Your cartoon depicts the fact that it does happen in this country and those who do it are not loyal Americans.

ultima said...

Baseless? Baseless? I believe there were those who insisted that all of the foreign flag-waving demonstrators in the streets a year or so ago were all citizens or citizen wannabes. Whether or not an American flag was also displayed upside down is almost irrelevant. It is clear that these so-called citizens were displaying their true colors, sympathies and allegiances. That is the message of this cartoon -- a very valid one. It really needs no interpretation except for those whose loyalty is in doubt.

Dee said...

Here you go Ulty. You need it.

For Ulty