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Friday, October 26, 2007

E Pluribus Unum with a Common Language


Dee said...

Hillary is a Uniter not a Divider.

ultima said...

Why is it then so many find her so disgusting that they wouldn't vote for her if she was the only candidate?

Dee said...

Because many men (and some women) would never vote for a Woman for President.

ultima said...

There probably is some element of that in the antithesis to Hillary but I think we are largely over that hurdle. I think it is more likely a feeling that she is manipulative, power-seeking and Machiavellian.

Dee said...

Hey Ulty,

Just heard some great news for your state!


Once he finally gives up on his futile Presidential bid, maybe he will take his ball and go home!!

ultima said...

Yes, I heard that. Too bad, he is really needed in the congress. Let's hope someone else equally concerned about America's future will step forward to chair the immigration caucus.

ultima said...

Good News, Dee! Representative Heath Shuler (D-NC) is expected to introduce the Secure America with Verification and Enforcement Act (SAVE Act) THIS WEEK. I believe this immigration enforcement-only bill is just the vehicle to give us a chance to pass immigration legislation through the Democrat-controlled Congress that would actually improve the lives of most Americans.

Can you get behind it as a secure borders advocate???

Dee said...

I would have to read the bill.
You would not expect me to blindly approve or reject it would you?

xxx ooo

tweety said...

Ultima, here are some of the hightlights of that bill.

North Carolina Democratic Representative Heath Shuler will soon be introducing a great immigration enforcement bill:

The SAVE ACT (Secure America with Verification and Enforcement)

This bill (it will have no bill number until introduced) is far more than a gesture to show that Shuler is on the side of the American workers.

This bill with its bi-partisan support but originating on the Democratic side of the House is just the vehicle to give us a chance to actually pass immigration legislation through a Democratic-controlled Congress that would significantly improve the lives of most Americans.


The SAVE Act does a lot of things to protect our borders and to help with interior enforcement.

Jobs are the main reason illegal aliens come here. Drying them up would seriously slow the flow of new illegal aliens. And it would start to drive perhaps as many as a million already-settled illegal aliens back home each year.

The SAVE Act would eventually require every employee in America to go through the E-Verify system. This internet system provides employers with an inexpensive, quick, and accurate way to verify that employees are not illegal aliens. The rules for use are such that no employee or employer suffers if there is a mistake in the system because there is ample time to correct errors on the employee's side and on the government's side.

The SAVE Act would ...

... require during Year 1 that all government agencies, government contractors, plus all businesses with more than 250 employees run all NEW hires through E-Verify.

... require during Year 2 that all businesses with 100 or more employees use E-Verify for new hires.

... require during Year 3 that all businesses with more than 20 employees use E-Verify for new hires.

... during Year 4 add businesses with fewer than 20 employees so that all businesses use E-Verify for new hires.

... also during Year 4 require all businessese to run all their previous hires through E-Verify.

The four-year phase-in is to give the government more room for massive expansion of its current system. It also allows the government to work out kinks before it is required for use by small businesses which often lack the personnel to easily deal with new procedures.

During the first three years, new illegal aliens and currently settled ones who lose their jobs will find fewer and fewer places where they can seek work.

But during those first three years, current illegal aliens who stayed in the same job would not be affected by the expanding use of E-Verify.

In the fourth year, however, all of those illegal workers would be run through E-Verify. If their Social Security number, name and a couple more details didn't match -- and they had no excuse -- they would lose their jobs.

If we give businesses a tool they can rely on, and assure them that their competitors won't get by with hiring illegals, very few illegal aliens will get hired anywhere.

There aren't enough odd-jobs and off-the-books jobs in the underground economy to soak up the estimated 7 million illegal workers in the country. Most illegal aliens will no longer find enough work to support them and their dependents, and most of them will eventually give up their lives of illegality and go home -- ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT & SELF-DEPORTATION.


It works with the majority of illegal aliens who are making up Social Security numbers and names when they apply for a job.

But if an illegal alien has paid the money to steal the identity of an American, or a legally present foreign national, E-Verify passes them through.

The Shuler bill is the first to address this problem and solve it.

It creates a system of detecting when the same identity is being used to hold down more jobs than are credible. In some cases, the same identity is being used by hundreds of people in hundreds of workplaces.

ultima said...

I would much prefer that all employees be checked during the first year. I think putting it off until the 4th year could create a problem. Employers do need some time but I think a whole year is enough. I like the provision that is designed to catch multiple uses of the same social security number and name.

ultima said...

"I would have to read the bill.
You would not expect me to blindly approve or reject it would you?"

No, I wouldn't. I assumed you would want to read it first.

tweety said...

I agree, Ultima. I didn't like that part of the bill either. Four years is way too long to complete the process.

tweety said...

Ultima, I am saddened to hear that Tom Tancredo will not run as your Colorado Rep. next year, however it is my understanding that he is still making a bid for the presidency. I do expect him to drop out of that soon too, however. I am hearing that he may run against Salazar for his Senate seat in 2010.

Do you know anthing about this bill?

H.R. 1955
Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

The reason I ask is because I heard that it passed the House and that Tancredo voted for it. I am hearing many negative things about this bill in the way of it restricting freedom of speech on the internet and other freedoms we currently enjoy. What is your take on this bill and why do you suppose that Tancredo voted in favor of it?

Dee said...

I love and support Hillary.
However, since you bring up the subject of a possible RNC candidate who would be a compromise, my first choice would be:
1. John McCain
He is honest. He is passionate. He is a very loyal American. He is willing to listen. He is a uniter.
However, I don´t believe you and yours support him and never will.

The compromise candidate that could win is:
. Mike Huckabee
We don´t hate him.
He is smart.
He is honest.
He is willing to listen.
No hate. No rhetoric. No lies.
(unlike Guliani and Romney) I think he has a chance.

tweety said...

Ultima, I know of no candidate either Democrat or Republican that is running a camgaign based on hate, do you? Some are putting foreign interests above American interests, however. None of those would get my vote.

The candidate that stands up for the laws of this nation and not cater to special interest groups will get my vote.

Who you like now that Tancredo will probably drop out of the race?