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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Flash from the Front

The Dalai Lama has publicly lamented the influx of ethnic Chinese into Tibet that will leave Tibetans as a minority in their own country.

Meanwhile, violent political rallies have upset the peace and tranquility of Switzerland where misguided liberal policies have created a situation where one out of five is foreign born. The native Swiss believe their laws, culture, customs and their very identity are being threatened. They have outlawed minarets near mosques. Some believe the foreign born are taking undue advantage of the privileges offered by Switzerland.

In France, a DNA test is required for anyone claiming to be a relative of a legal resident and who is seeking entry. In the Netherlands, a language and culture test is required of immigrants.

Sounds familiar doesn't it? And yet, the pro-illegals continue to have no appreciation for the interest of real Americans in preserving their language, culture and identity.

We are not alone!

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Anonymous said...

According to the pro-illegals these practices are nativist in nature or xenophobe or racist. Of course it is alright for hispanic countries to retain their identities, cultures and language. Can we say double standard Or hypocrisy?