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Friday, October 19, 2007

Federal/Local Cooperation on Illegals

Dole Announces that N.C. Sheriffs to Partner with Federal Immigration Officials to Identify, Apprehend and Remove Criminal Illegal Aliens
First state in the nation to have statewide plan

Carolina Beach, N.C. – U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole today announced that North Carolina has been designated as the first state in the nation to have a statewide plan for sheriffs to partner with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to effectively handle illegal aliens who have committed crimes. Under the plan, ICE will provide programs and services that will support the specific needs of sheriffs throughout North Carolina.


tweety said...

One state down and 49 to go. Its a start anyway. I think local law enforcement should verify one's status in this country even when stopped for a traffic violation or questioned during an investigation and where there is doubt of legal status, ICE should be notified.

ultima said...

You're right about that, Tweety. Check 'em all and hold for ICE any who can't prove legal presence. Cops probably need to check names and ssns too.

Dee said...

Im curious to see how this will work. One state at a time is a good method.

Last week in Irving, some over zealous ANTI groups put flyers on the doors of American citizens who were Hispanics telling them they were illegal and they needed to leave the country. The citizens alerted the FBI. These are the types of overzealous tactics that must be stopped.