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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A New Citizenship Test

1. What does the phrase "rule of law" mean? Why is it important?
2. What happens to a society when it fails to observe the rule of law?
3. What is the single most unifying force in a society?
4. What happens when you spread finite natural resources over an ever expanding population?
5. What is meant by the term "sovereignty"? Why is it important?
6. At what age are citizens allowed to vote?
7. At what age are illegal aliens allowed to vote?
8. What is the penalty for voting illegally?
9. What is the significance of being deported involuntarily?
10. Is it legal to fly a foreign flag above the American flag?
11. How do you define loyalty to the United States?
12. Do you think every baby born in the U.S. should be awarded birthright citizenship even if neither parent is a citizen?
13. If you achieve citizenship, will you vote for the best candidate? the candidate of your race or ethnicity? only the candidates in your political party?
14. How do you rank your loyalty to family vs. loyalty to country?
15. If a person favored loyalty to foreigners or foreign nations over loyalty to the U.S. , would you consider him or her a traitor?
16. Should repatriation of illegal aliens be expedited and given a high priority?
17. Will too many foreign-born individuals adversely affect America?
18. How will population growth affect extinction of species, traffic congestion, depletion of natural resources, pollution, crime, drug trafficking, disease, poverty and joblessness?
19. Is there a danger illegal aliens will re-create the very conditions they fled their homelands to escape?
20. What will that mean for the quality of life and standard of living in the U.S.?
21. If both decline, will that affect you personally?


Anonymous said...

Ultima, now that is a citizenship test that makes sense.

Dee said...

You just broke your first Rule.

Fast facts about graffiti:
.It costs America more than $8 billion per year just to clean up graffiti.
.Immediate removal - within 24-48 hours - is the key to successful graffiti prevention.
.There are four types of graffiti – tagging, satanic/HATE, gang, and generic.
.It is a common misperception that most graffiti is done by gangs when in fact gangs are responsible for less than 10% of graffiti.
.Graffiti vandals represent EVERY social, ethnic and economic background. Suburban males commit approximately 50% of graffiti vandalism from pre-teen to early 20s.
.The average age of the arrested graffiti vandal is 17-18, with an overall broad range of 8-54.
.There are four primary motivating factors for graffiti vandalism: FAME, rebellion, self-expression, and POWER.

ultima said...

What rule of law did I break? Didn't you read my earlier response. If I acquire a picture by any legal means, I can doctor it up in any way I want without breaking any law. Don't you agree? As I said, your original is untouched.

Dee said...

Thats ok Ulty.
I guess you didn´t like my fun art for your guy either.

Glad we both have a sense of humor!