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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Some Reasons to Vote Republican

In 1992 the Clinton victory was the culmination of the liberal dream. He ran as a “New Democrat” and he had me fooled but he moved sharply to the left even before he was sworn in. His promise of a middle class tax cut became the largest tax increase in history. Ending welfare as we know it turned out to be a government job if no other job could be found. And healthcare reform ended up being the largest attempted takeover of the private economy in the history of the nation. He also led off his presidency with gays in the military. It is easy to see why that wasn’t mentioned in the campaign.

Clinton’s approach to governing was best described in a 1958 book by John Kenneth Galbraith entitled, “The Affluent Society”. It essentially said that Americans do not make too little money, they make too much, but they make bad choices with their dollars. Therefore, it is the obligation of an educated government to tax those dollars from them and make better choices on their behalf.

If you look at the five major initiatives of President Clinton’s first two years: the budget, crime, welfare, education and healthcare – all called for increasing taxes and increasing the number of decisions that would be made in Washington. This entire philosophy could be put on a bumper sticker: “Who decides? Washington or you!”

It is important to point out here that the Clintons may be sincere although politics often tend to distort one’s values. They truly do want to shape a future for our children and grandchildren that is warm and safe and secure and fair. What has changed? The only difference is that it is now that Hillary is telling you what she intends to do with your money instead of her husband. For starters, how about a $5,000 savings bond for every child born in America? Do you think this might increase the number of illegal aliens coming here to deliver their children in America? How will this affect anything we might do otherwise to deter border violations? Clearly, it would be just another incentive for the illegals to head north and another step on the road to Mexico Norte.

In a recent interview with the editorial board of the Boston Globe, Hillary said, “I have a million ideas. The country simply cannot afford them all.” The country can’t afford Hillary! Recently it has been reported that the Democrats are going to propose a trillion dollar tax increase. Just the wealthy, of course. They want to control a third of the entire economy in order to redistribute the wealth. Now everyone has an opinion about who is and who is not wealthy. Few would argue that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and others of similar wealth are among the wealthy. We don’t know how far down the economic ladder Hillary is prepared to go. In the recent debate in New Hampshire, a figure of $250,000 per year might be the cutoff point for the tax increase. Can we believe this?

Let’s remember that they are talking about your money and your choices. Again. Who decides? Are Washington’s choices more important than yours?

Why don't conservatives want to shape the future? Because no one knows how, not the conservatives, not the liberals – no one knows how. Most politicians couldn’t satisfy 20% of the people in any given crowd. Each American looks to the future with different hopes, dreams and talents. Politicians could build a future one segment of the crowd would love and another segment would hate. So conservatives want to leave your dollars in your pockets, and you and 300 million other Americans, deciding on your own behalf hundreds of times a week, will shape the future. You will decide, not Washington. I have some ideas on what I would like the future to look like but I do not know what the actuality will be. One thing is certain: I want to be able to make personal choices along with all other Americans. I want to decide.

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