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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The National Interest

Most voters balk at spending money on or getting too excited about immigration reform and illegal aliens if there is not an immediate crisis. Similarly not enough Americans complain about the level of legal immigration, chain immigrations and the number of illegal aliens in our country. The apparently don't realize that there is a point of no return at which the foreign-born will be in control of our politicians and therefore our country. At that time it will be too late and all will regret their myopia and somnolence when something could have been done.

In this sense, the American public is as responsible for inaction as the congress. The public has failed to sound the clarion call for a serious immigration reform bill that would expedite the involuntarily repatriation of illegals at their expense and reduce legal immigration to a level consistent with a stable population.

Few Americans understand that chain immigrations are not counted against the regular immigration quotas. They don't know that chain immigrations swell the number of legal immigrants by millions every year.

We, the public, bear the ultimate responsibility. Until we pressure our politicians into passing laws demanding different behavior by employers, illegal aliens, legal immigrants and the official charged with executing and enforcing the law. We could begin by demanding the the heads of INS and ICE be terminated and someone else put in their places who are interested in enforcing the law.

Our policies and lack of enforcement favors immigrants and illegals at the expense of ordinary citizens who may be unaware of these shortcomings of government and their long-term impact on the American way of life. Every American should have the opportunity to visit the barrios of San Diego, Los Angeles and even Santa Rosa, California to observe first hand what the future holds in store for our country. It would be especially revealing to visit some of those cities that already resemble Mexican cities more than they do American cities. Short of that everyone should read: "Mexifornia: A State of Becoming" by Victor Hansen. This books reveals from first hand observation and anecdotal evidence the transformations that are occurring in the Golden State.

Some like the INS, immigration advocates and lawlyers, special interest groups like La RAZA, MALDEFm LULAC, MeChA and the Aztlanistas, and members of the government like to think that they are the experts and that the public is ignorant and should keep quiet.

Fanned by the immigration dispute we should all become activists on behalf of a national policy that encompasses more restrictions on immigration and illegal aliens. Our emphasis must be on managing the problem in the national interest rather than in the interest of foreigners, some of whom would do us great harm. One might well ask, "What is in the national interest?" The national interest should be congruent with the long-term interests of the country's citizens. Those interest surely include: safety from terrorists, preservation of culture and language, the rule of law, and freedom from the ravages of excessive population growth, environmental damage and climate change.


Dee said...

your videos are very goofy.

they are a disgrace to your blog.

those zealots are not reputable.

but then again you do have Roy beck and his goofy gumballs so i guess you cant expect much.

ultima said...

The questions are: are they correct or can they be refuted? I'd be willing to read or listen to any evidence to the contrary.

We just want the facts however painful they might be to Democrats.

Which zealots are you referring to? Is there something you can post to refute whatever their message is? I think some of this was covered some time ago in what purports to be the legitimate news sources.

Re: Gum Balls. Ditto. I have yet to see any legitimate refutation of his presentation. Sure there was some nitpickin' regarding how his charts were put together -- not starting with zero but I don't think he was trying to lie with statistics. I think it was a more practical consideration of chart size. He explained fully what his starting point was and later in the presentation he had to double up his charts on the top side to make them fit on the chart stand. Perhaps one should quarrel with his numbers and projections rather than the physical constraints he had to work with his charts. I have seen nothing to indicate his numbers and rational are incorrect. I would be glad to see such evidence if there is any. I have been deluded before and probably will be again.

RE: Zealots, I guess those one disagrees with are always disreputable.