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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is opposition to high immigration rooted in racism?

Immigration, as it relates to population, is not a racial issue; it’s about numbers, not race, ethnicity or skin color. It is not racist to consider what doubling or tripling our population would require of our resources and environment.We condemn racism in all its forms. But we also condemn taboos that prevent open, honest public discussion about issues so vital to all of us. With two-thirds of our population growth a direct result of immigration, the American people deserve some say in whether this kind of staggering increase is desirable. Immigration policy must be designed within the framework of overall U.S. population goals and the skills and numbers needed by our economy. Population-driven economic growth is ultimately unsustainable.


Anonymous said...

Only if you are white.

ultima said...

You got that right, Anon. It's funny how easy it is for other ethnocentrics to ignore their own racist thoughts and posts.

Although not the only ones to defend illegal aliens, the aliens and their ethnic brethren are the most vociferous in their defense and give little thought to the long run ramifications of their ideas.