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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A 20 Point Plan to Curb Illegal Aliens

1. Make it easier to immigrate legally to the U.S. but reduce the total number allowed to no more than 250,000 per year in all categories.
2. Repeal NAFTA, CAFTA and all other trade agreements to enable the poor in other countries to make a living.
3. Make E-verification of work status mandatory.
4. Require foreign workers to be paid at the same rate as American workers.
5. Deduct $100,000 from U.S. foreign aid to Mexico for every illegal alien apprehended internally or caught trying to violate the border.
6. Require every illegal alien apprehended at the border or internally to serve a six month sentence.
7. Impose harsh penalties on landlords who rent living quarters to anyone not in this country legally.
8. Withhold all federal funds from any cities or other local governments who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.
9. Require every foreigner seeking work in the United States under a temporary worker program to have a temporary work authorization card issued by the United States.
10. If a U.S. company can prove that it cannot fill its jobs with citizen workers, it may apply to one of the federally-licensed employment agencies for the admission of the number of foreign workers needed.
11. Fine employers of illegal aliens on an escalating scale whether or not they hired them knowingly.
12. Stop employers from exploiting cheap immigrant labor by enforcing existing labor laws.
13. Vigorously and continuously pursue internal enforcement of immigration laws and provide for expeditious repatriation of illegals after they have served any prescribed sentence.
14. Issue a counterfeit-proof, machine-readable, biometric ID to all those who can prove their citizenship or permanent residency status with multiple non-fraudulent documents presented for careful review and confirmation.
15. Reinterpret the 14th Amendment to require at least one parent to be a citizen before any child can be awarded birthright citizenship.
16. Limit chain immigrations to the minor children and spouses of citizens.
17. Focus immigration quotas on those most likely to enable the U.S. to regain its fiscal solvency and remain competitive in the global economy.
18. Make everyone who enters this country illegally permanently ineligible for naturalized citizenship.
19. Make true fluency in English a mandatory requirement for citizenship.
20. Make English the official language of the United States and repeal EO 13166.


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