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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dee Perez-Scott: The Limits of Immigration and Propagation

Even Dee Perez-Scott should appreciate the in-depth, multi-part series on global population growth in the Lost Angeles Times. The series, by Kenneth Weiss , touches briefly on U.S. population growth, which is the fastest in the developed world, and hints at immigration and migration factors. Hopefully, the series will cause some people to question why the United States sets such a poor example for the rest of the world by forcing U.S. population growth at a time when other countries are desperate to stabilize.
As most people know, it is rare for today's media to take a careful look at any kind of population issues.   In particular, the media have failed in its duty to inform the public regularly and repeatedly on the causes, consequences and limits of population growth in America.  As is article points out, there are limits to such finite natural resources as water, arable land and minerals and therefore the more people there are, the more poverty and hunger there will be.  In the U.S., a declining standard of living, already in evidence, and a reduction in the quality of life will be among the results for the  common people who cannot affluent to live in a gated communities or enjoy the other material things affluence can provide.

But there will be people like Dee who will turn a blind eye to this trend as long as they can  avoid all but the imperceptible consequences of population growth driven by inane immigration and tax policies.  They will not wake up until it is too late.

To read the full series see
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