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Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Future Troglodyte Existence

So many are willing, with an astounding degree of myopia and denial, to refuse to recognize the troglodyte existence that awaits us in the future because of our actions or inactions on the problems of today -- millions of illegal aliens, excessive population growth,the depletion of finite natural resources, and shortages of food and energy.

The politicians come home in a blaze of apathy to voters who have heard all their false promises before. They have heard many times in the past the campaign rhetoric that offers "change" only to see it followed by the reality of politics as usual. No fundamental change ever takes place. To some extent, this is due to the profound inertia of a partisan congress consisting of 100 senators and hundreds more representatives, all with their individual parochial interests and their own way of doing business.

The power of the presidency can be exercised by granting special favors to key congressmen and women who cooperate in furthering the president's agenda but in the end, the president proposes and the congress disposes. This relates to the concepts of checks and balances and separation of powers between the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches of government. Some would also add the fourth estate, the media, and the pernicious influence of 527 PACs. There's nothing democratic about the excessive influence of billionaires who are able to funnel millions of dollars into the 527 organizations, like Move On, to support their own pet political philosophies at the expense of ordinary citizens who don't have millions to promote their points of view. Giving so much power to individuals solely on the basis of their wealth is the antithesis of one person, one vote and representative government.

Undue influence, whether it derives from highly-paid lobbyests funded by special interests, 527 organizations, or well-heeled political insiders, subverts our democracy and guarantees our voices will not be heard in Washington. Knowing full well how unfair it is to have the media jammed with 527 propaganda, reminiscent of Nazi Germany's Joseph Goebbels' propaganda machine, people still support this unfortunate perversion of free speech.


Dee said...

Dee = Oliver
Ulty = Warden

"Please Sir. I want some more."

PS Sweety, I missed you! Where have you been??

ultima said...

Unfortunately, there is no more, as the people in Haiti, the Sudan, etc. and other places in Sub-Saharan Africa have learned.

You do understand the word "finite", don't you? Even in the U.S. the price of food has skyrocketed due in part to worldwide demand and the high cost of petroleum.