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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Wack-O-Bama Tax Increases


anon 1 said...

Oh sure, it wasn't the booze, un-educated, crazy acting and lazy chrematistics that caused his homelessness. Why is it that when you see homeless, it's always the white guy who blames EVERYONE else for his problems. Why doesn't he just get off his butt, clean up his act and start where his education allows him to start and work at McDonald's, use a little elbow grease, go to night school, than apply for the job he wants, marry the woman he met along the way and buy his house in the burbs? Naw, he'd rather stay homeless and BLAME SOCIETY!!!

ultima said...

I basically agree with you except that, aside from the cartoon, there are many homeless, indolent and unambitious folks to be found among those from all races and mixes. The whites seemed to be over represented but then there are more of them to begin with. Your advice is good for everyone. My daughter worked at Mac Donalds for a while and my son worked as a janitor before getting a degree in Electrical Engineering. Menial labor is a great incentive to improve one's lot in life. Stoop labor picking potatoes and cucumbers was for me.

anon 1 said...

Different times, back then there were no McDonald's on every street corner (sorry, don't mean to make you sound old, lol) to start. I started at the local bowling alley and now currently in mngmnt of a large company in TX. And the city I work in, all the building and lg corps in the area, have alot of homeless, and I'd say 80% are white and the other 20% are black. These are just my observations. REGARDLESS of color though, THEY are the reason they're homeless and only THEY can change that.