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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some Questions for Presidential Candidates

1. Senator Obama, you got 92% of the Black vote in North Carolina and 36% of the
White vote. What is your candid interpretation of this result? Are Blacks more racially biased than Whites?
2. Do you believe global warming and climate change are real? If so, how do you think 300 million more people will affect the U.S. total output of carbon pollutants? According to the UN at the present rate, 300 million people would add 6 billion more metric tons of to the atmosphere every year.
3. The limit of finite natural resources per capita as population grows without bounds is zero. This means as population grows there is less of these natural resources like water, petroleum, timber, arable land, and other minerals. No one has quarreled with this basic concept. It suggests that population-driven economic growth is unsustainable and that, therefore, we should adopt a national objective of a stable population to be achieved within the next 20 years. Do you agree? Why or why not?
4. What changes would you propose to decrease the rate of depletion of our natural resources and reduce the pressure on others like the supply of water in the arid Southwest?
5. Senator Obama, you have based your campaign on "change" but hasn't every presidential campaign been based on that idea from time immemorial?
6. To achieve a sustainable economy what changes in tax and immigration policies would you favor?
7. As water is usurped by cities with growing populations and arable land is destroyed or developed how will we be able to feed our people?
8. Senator Obama, you have indicated that you will propose tax increases ranging from 12% on income to 164% of dividends to an infinite increase on estates. Yet, you fail to indicate how much of the new revenue you will use to reduce the national debt. Some believe that increasing capital gains taxes by 87% and dividends by 164% will hurt 401k and other retirement plans that are already inadequate in many cases. You defend your position by saying income from 401ks is taxed as ordinary income and therefore is unaffected by an increase in the capital gains tax. While this is true for individuals, is it also true for the mutual funds themselves? Do mutual funds receive favorable tax treatment for capital gains? How about dividends that flow into 401k assets? Why would you want to tax those dividends a second time, once when the related revenues are earned by the companies and again when they are received by the 401k annuitants or other investors? Do you endorse double taxation of dividends? Do you endorse the taxation of phantom capital gains unadjusted for inflation?
9. Senator McCain, you like all presidential candidates have skirted any solution to the illegal aliens problem other than amnesty. Do you believe we can secure our borders without a vigorous and continuous internal enforcement program beginning with work status E-verification and expeditious repatriation?
10. One of the main stumbling blocks to the solution of the illegal alien problem is the current interpretation of the 14th amendment. Would you favor withholding birthright citizenship unless at least one of the parents is a citizen? Would you favor withholding birthright citizenship until the individual reaches age 21 or enlists in the armed forces for not less than 4 years?
11. Everyone says English is our national language but oppose an Official English constitutional amendment to make it so by declaring all government proceedings and publications at all levels of government will be conducted only in English. Can one really be serious about the former without supporting the latter? Are we headed to a wasteful bilingual society?
12. Hispanics are the fastest growing sector of our population. If this continues, isn't it likely that they will in the long run recreate the very conditions they fled their homelands to escape?

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