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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Culture Light

On another site there was a spirited discussion of four different models for social integration ranging from monoculturalism to multiculturalism. In between was a model called Leitkultur. Taking that concept as a starting point one can define what I will call Culture Light as a culture and social integration model that recognizes that what is has become largely immutable because of the difficulty in changing the Constitution ( except through unelected, unrepresentative, activist judges who stray from a strict interpretation of the Constitution). Inherent in such a model are the concepts of: separation of powers, checks and balances (especially a strong, independent judiciary), protection of individual rights of citizens (the bill of rights), secularism (separation of church and state), and a representative government that formulates and executes laws within the constitutional framework. Also implicit are the ideas of modernity, liberal democracy, enlightenment, and a civil society guided by the rule of law. Value-blind, multi-culturalism ( if it is at odds with those core values even as they evolve to accommodate the changing complexion of the nation) does not fit with Culture Light. Cultural pluralism within the basic concepts above is what we already have. One can find streets, food, stores, churches, neighborhoods, foreign language instruction, newspapers, TV and radio stations and programming, dress fashions, advertising, and political activity that reflect a heavy multi-cultural influence. But these multi-cultural aspects exist within the context of our core values, our constitution, and our laws and regulations at all levels. This seems to suggest that Culture Light is an apt description of our American model.
Few would advocate the development of ‘parallel societies’ or a value-blind multiculturalism whatever its impracticality given the constitutional and legal framework of our country. One would ask those who do whether they have any core values and the extent to which they vary from those above and why?
Culture Light, as practiced in the U.S., does not mean compulsory assimilation but it does imply an appreciation of the values central to our Constitution, our representative form of government, and the rule of law. An immigration policy structured in the national interest and opposition to illegal immigration is a logical part of Culture Light.

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