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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gov. Schwarzenegger says Calif. budget deficit now $14.8 bln

Looks like California has a real problem here. I wouldn't give them an extra dime until: (1) they get their house in order by apprehending and turning over to ICE for expedited repatriation all the illegals in the state and their minor progeny, regardless of citizenship; (2) they require all municipalities to renounce any official or unofficial sanctuary status and charge police with apprehending illegals and holding them for ICE; (3) petition the federal government for relief from Medicaid, emergency medical care, education and related expenses for illegals and their progeny; (4) cut state civil service employment by 50% and reduce the top compensation of all state employees to not more than $100 k per year permanently; (5) put all state employees on a four day work week except those involved in emergency services.

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