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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Neo-Copperheads

Although “Copperhead”, as a term of opprobrium, existed before the Civil War, it is known mostly for its application to Democrats in the North, some of whom were émigrés from the South,who opposed the war for a number of reasons. These included a fear of the growing centralization of government; doubts about the possible harmful consequences to themselves if slavery were abolished; in the Midwest, an economic-based envy of industrial New England; in New England, a fear among merchants and manufacturers of losing profitable commerce with the South; the continuing loyalty of the émigrés to the Confederacy; and the incentive among Democrats to make political capital out of the inevitable hardships of the war. In a more recent time frame, President Franklin Roosevelt revived the term by applying it to the noninterventionist stand taken by Charles A. Lindbergh in 1941.

The Civil War Copperheads opposed conscription, gave aid to deserters, hindered shipments of men and supplies, and terrorized Union sympathizers. Today, Neo-Copperheads are following a similar script. They oppose the rule of law, give aid to illegal aliens, hinder the efforts of Congress to do the right thing, and consistently and severely criticize their fellow citizens for demanding secure borders and a reduction in legal immigration.

The Neo-Copperheads rend the fabric of our nation by supporting a form of comprehensive immigration reform that would grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, open the floodgates for millions of new immigrants and illegal aliens, continue chain immigrations and 14th Amendment abuses, and deny English as the official language of government. Like their Civil War predecessors the Neo-Copperheads pursue their own narrow interests rather than the national interest. They undermine all efforts to restore our national sovereignty. They evidence no interest in stopping immigration’s unarmed invasion with its deadly consequences for the America we know and love. They, like the earlier Copperheads, exhibit gross disloyalty to their country and make it exceedingly difficult to prosecute the war on terror and effectively deal with the companion problem of illegal entry. They oppose E-verification of work status, roundups of illegal aliens, continuous and vigorous internal enforcement, detention centers, and the expeditious processing and repatriation of those who are apprehended. Even though the rule of law requires both, the noninterventionist Neo-Copperheads say “Stop the roundups and close the detention centers.”

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