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Saturday, February 28, 2009

“Hate”-- A Term Designed to Appeal to Emotion rather than Reason

A recent Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) study identified 926 hate groups in the United States—defined as groups with beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people. By this definition, the SPLC is itself a hate group because it attacks entire classes of people such as the KKK, the Skinheads, and the Neo-Nazis.
The term “hate” is entirely too simplistic to be applicable to the entire spectrum of opposing beliefs and approaches to achieving power or influence over others. It is a term designed to appeal to emotion rather than reason. The beliefs of the so-called hate groups range from a political philosophy that merely differs from that of the SPLC’s to actual advocacy of violence against entire classes of people. This broad brush treatment of those who dissent from political orthodoxy or correctness is unwarranted. It undermines whatever good they could otherwise accomplish through regular and consistent criticism of those who would do harm to others whom they perceive to be a threat to their way of life or simply “different” or “inferior.” The feelings of these groups are, of course, very human qualities that have been demonstrated time and again throughout history. Nevertheless, as we strive to recognize the pervasiveness of political, social and cultural differences that have frequently resulted in violence and wars, we cannot accept this as the norm or the behavior we should be striving for. Therefore, we must condemn violence of all kinds whether directed against individuals or whole groups of people or minorities.
This does not mean in any case that anyone must approve of or accept without comment behavior which he or she finds abhorrent, distasteful, contrary to law, or a perceived threat to his or her way of life. Currently the opprobrium of some is focused on the nation's first African-American president and an economy that is hemorrhaging jobs. For the past decade, illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico and Latin America, have also divided our society. The purveyors of the “hate group” mantra inevitably overlook the legitimate reasons for opposing illegal aliens and a new president whose political philosophy is foreign to the capitalism that drove America to the heights of power, prestige, and a standard of living of living that is the envy of many.
During the election, many candidates pussy-footed around their disagreements with Obama because they were worried that they would be considered racist. Similarly, today the SPLC would mute the criticism of the president by attributing it to racism or “hate.” The SPLC conveniently overlooks all of the legitimate bases for disagreeing with and disliking the policies of Obama. People quite properly worry about what will happen to our beloved country as its Latino population increases to such a degree that America becomes Mexico Norte with all the ills of disease, crime, poverty, joblessness, and corruption evident in the original. In fact, there is little about Latin American culture, government, and economic and scientific achievements that recommends them over the America we all cherish.
The current economic conditions have exacerbated the opposition to the politics of the left and the politics and organizational methods promoted by Saul Alinsky that formed the basis for the successful Obama campaigns. People who had been complacent in the past are now upset and more motivated to do something. They didn’t fully appreciate the size of the illegal alien population until the economic crisis hit and it became clear illegals, by accepting substandard wages and benefits, were taking jobs Americans needed and wanted. The movement to provide amnesty to millions of illegals simply added fuel to the fire. But the ire resulting from these events is not “hate”, it is simply the current economic reality and the longer standing interest in secure borders and a preservation of the rule of law and our national sovereignty.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

Ultima - why do you even comment on dee's blog. She bans me from commenting yet I have said not ONE bad word. I speak the truth and challenge her and for that she bans me. Recent example I commented I attended a tea party to protest and she did not print my comment. You sir are an intelligent guy and I have followed you on her blog for over a year. I gave her the benefit of the doubt but she is a hateful person who has a single agenda of demonizing all Republicans and all groups which speak to raitonal immigration policies.

Anonymous said...

You are right jools, if dee does not like what you say or disagrees with you, she doesn't print it. I have noticed she never comments on ultima's blog but if you notice she did this week on another subject. Maybe she is afraid ultima as many others have are leaving her blog. And ultima, I never comment on yours because I totally agree with your views.

patriot said...

Ultima, I read your recent remarks in Dee's blog about threatening not to post there anymore because of Dee's biasness, restriction of posting any other anti's views but yours and calling you a racist. I wholeheartedly agree with you. You don't deserve what you get from her and why continue to post in a blog with false claims that ALL points of view will be allowed with civility? She has always been the one to start being uncivil and when an anti defends themselves she plays the victim so she can make an excuse to delete their posts. Everything an anti says in there is labeled as hate speech when that Dubuque fellow spews more hate than anyone in there. He is a nutcase with his obsession over murder, torture and so-called out of control hate crimes only against minorities.

There is nothing racist about supporting the enforcement of our immigration laws because they are in place to protect the national interests. Like you, I have nothing against legal immigration that is in the best interests of this country and I don't care about what skin color or ethnicity they are either. Just fair quotas for all within our immigration laws.

I hope you do leave Dee's blog as I have said it for months now she is only using you as her punching bag and shows you no respect suggesting that you are a racist. Leave with your dignity intact! You deserve better than that and nothing will change her racist, ethnocentric mind anyway.