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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sweden Rocked by Radical Muslims

A few years ago, the left-wing London Guardian newspaper called Swedenthe most successful society the world has ever known. But Sweden todayis being rocked by a large influx of Muslim immigrants and the growth ofradical Islam. Malmo is Sweden 's 3rd largest city and a major epicenter of theIslamization of Europe. Wide-open immigration policies have changedSweden and have made Malmo, which is now one-quarter Muslim, one of themost racially divided cities in Europe. Most Muslim immigrants are concentrated in one district, where the maleunemployment rate is 82 percent. Crime affects one of three families inthe city and rape has tripled in 20 years, according to the ChristianBroadcasting Network. In one housing project in the district, fire and emergency workers willno longer enter without police protection. Malmo has been so accommodating toward immigrant Muslims that a localMuslim politician and imam has even declared, "The best Islamic state isSweden !" But Malmo's Jews won’t give the city the same glowing assessment. Jewswho dare to walk the streets wearing yarmulkes on their heads risk being beaten up. When Israel recently played Sweden in a Davis Cup tennis match in Malmo,protesters demonstrated against the Israeli presence in the city, andhundreds attacked police. Journalist Lars Hedegaard, who is based across a bridge-tunnel fromMalmo in Copenhagen, Denmark, told CBN News that pro-Israelidemonstrators in Malmo were met with rocks, bottles and pipe bombs fromPalestinians and other Arabs. Right-wing Swedish Democrats, who support limits on immigration, havebeen stigmatized by the left-wing Swedish media as fascist and bigoted. But there is a growing acceptance that "the Swedish model" - generous welfare benefits combined with liberal immigration policies — is nowunsustainable, according to CBN News. Hedegaard said: “I think the best prediction is that Sweden will have aMuslim majority by 2049, so we know where that country’s going.” cnn

Sounds familiar doesn't it? There are many parallels with the influx of illegal aliens and the idea of increasing the number of legal immigrants admitted: generous, unsustainable welfare benefits, liberal immigration policies, etc. Those who like our way of life should rethink their views about amnesty and open borders.

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patriot said...

All countries must control their immigration numbers to retain their national identities, control population growth and to remain within their carrying capacities. A nation without borders ceases to be a nation at all.