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Monday, August 31, 2009

District Court Rules in Favor of E-Verify Executive Order

On Wednesday, a federal court in Maryland ruled in favor of the E-Verify mandate for federal contractors, first issued by the Bush Administration. The order requires all contractors to verify the workplace eligibility of new hires, but it's been delayed four times - once by the Bush Administration and three times by the Obama Administration - pending the court's ruling. The rule is now set to become effective on Sept. 8. URGE Pres. Obama to prevent any further delays from the rule taking effect.

Also, be sure to read the blog from Dr. James Edwards who co-authored the book "The Congressional Politics of Immigration Reform". In his blog, Dr. Edwards details how the House's proposed health care bill would benefit illegal aliens.


Brittanicus said...

As patriotic Americans we cannot afford to stop pursuing full, mandated E-Verify. Without it our countries businesses will be overrun by illegal workers in every sector of industry. The circumstances have now become so critical, owing to the millions of jobless citizens, legal residents that our government needs to insist full operation of the computer based application. E-Verify is a valuable tool that has expanded to a growing number of honest businesses that want to participate in the removal of foreign nationals. So far lawsuits from US Chamber of Commerce, ACLU have exposed hundreds of anti-American sovereignty groups, who have demanded the unfettered flow of foreign aliens stealing into the workplace. The federal courts have not played along and now contractors to the Federal government must implement E-Verify or not expect a contract?

However, there is a toxicity amongst the Democrats and Republicans, who have an irrational view and are eager to destroy any immigration enforcement at our undermanned border or entrants who overstay knowingly their visits by jet. As it stands a path to citizenship, espoused as Immigration reform wants to legalize all those already here, but now its on-hold tell after the health care debacle. Can anybody imagine if foreign countries supported their citizens that America would not be suffering the problems of foreign workers and their families crowding the emergency rooms of major cities, educating their children and feeding off the limited benefits afforded the US population? E-verify must not be undermined or thrown into the waste pit of good immigration bills. 202-224-3121 is the Washington switchboard, to express your irate feelings and anguish at Senators and Representatives of both parties. Just like E-Verify if its not used correctly, Health care for all Americans will be inundated with illegal immigrants. They keep declaring no health care treatment for any illegal people, but unless a program such as E-Verify is not operational How can we distinguish from the legal population and those who have broken immigration laws? If a public option becomes law, there has to be a substantial way, to identify those those who are not entitled to any new health care reform?


Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, Ultima. But did you see this lie posted by Dee about what you supposedly said about criticism of our president? I hope you set her straight. You said none of what she is claiming. All you did was point out that all presidents have been made fun of or ridiculed in the past and in fact doesn't make one unpatriotic for doing so. Don't let her get away with this lie, Ultima.

Quote Dee:

I am glad you are joining me in chastising those who call our President a Nazi, or depict him as a Joker.

Let's stand together on this. From this day forward, anyone who calls our President a Nazi or depicts him as Hitler or the Joker or ridicules and demonizes the President in ANY way shall be challenged and labeled a COWARD and TRAITOR and UNPATRIOTIC!

Thank you Ultima for recognizing these zealous as Cowards and Unpatriotic.

WE BOTH are in AGREEMENT on this!!

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Did the rule become effective 9/8? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Anon, yes it did but e-verify has only been implemented on the government level. It is needs to be mandated in every workplace.

Anonymous said...

Ultima, here is a real eye opener for you about another way that the illegals can get on Obama's healthcare reform plan. You hit the nail on the head on Dee's blog pointing out to her that without mandating citizenship verification they can indeed gain access to it. Here is some more ammo for you to use.