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Friday, December 25, 2009

Study Shows Connection between Population & Carbon Emissions

Here is a link to a study done in Brazil that that links population growth and carbon emissions. Isn't time we realized this connection and structured our tax and immigration policies to help us achieve the emission reduction goals the rest of the world expects us to achieve? We need to implement a cap and trade policy on the number of children a woman can have. If she wishes to have more that the replacement level of about two children, then she and her partner must purchase credits from those who wish to have fewer.

On the immigration front, we could begin by limiting the number of legal immigrants each year to no more than 200,000, exclusive of foreign students, temporary migrant farm workers, and tourists. Of course, we must also take the necessary actions to secure our borders and locate, identify and process those illegal aliens who are already here. Only those who it can be shown are essential to our economy should be allowed to stay.

We need to put our economists to work to figure out what we must do to achieve a soft landing for our economy while we are in the process of stabilizing our population through the above measures.

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