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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

Eduardo Garcia Valseca – - Eduardo Garcia Valseca has come out to the public about his seven and a half month imprisonment following a kidnapping. More than a year has passed since the family of Eduardo Garcia Valseca suffered from his abduction by brutal Mexican kidnapping ring in San Miguel de Allende.

Eduardo Garcia Valseca and his wife were coming home, after having dropped their three children off at school, when they were very suddenly overtaken by a white jeep and pulled over in the crudest way. A group of professionals jumped out from the jeep behind them and pulled Eduardo and his wife out after which they bashed Eduardo’s head making him bleed. Eduardo Garcia Valseca was put in hand cuffs and his wife's arms and legs were bound with duct tape.

Eduardo says that he was kept in a filthy little cell less than the size of a small closet where he has lost over seventy pounds of flesh due to the conditions he was made to live in. He was beaten and shot in an arm and a leg during the course of his imprisonment. He was lucky to be alive when he was finally released.

The next day after the couple had been kidnapped, his wife was set free so she could go and arrange for the ransom that the group had demanded. Though the initial ransom was eight million dollars the deal was negotiated at a lower settlement and Eduardo has not disclosed the exact amount due to concerns it might arouse the temptation of others with such intentions. Although Eduardo is the son of a newspaper baron in Mexico who owns more than forty different publications, his wife claimed that most of their wealth had been invested in their ranch and therefore was not immediately available for ransom purposes.

Kidnappings of this sort are common in Mexico City but have been uncommon San Miguel de Allende until recently. Everyone thought they were reasonably safe in that location. The brutalization of Eduardo changed all of that and now several other kidnappings have occurred there. Eduardo and his wife were finally forced to abandon their beloved ranch and move to the U.S. They suggested that there were thousands of others who had done likewise. How soon will this be the situation in the heartland of America? This is food for thought for those Senators like Schumer, McCain, and Graham who are promoting another immigration reform bill. This also a time for reflection for others who support amnesty for illegal aliens and ineffective border security measures.

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