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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Criminals are part of the larger problem of illegal aliens

Many police officials in states along the U.S.-Mexican border say they are fed up with the huge cost of the large number of illegal aliens populating American prisons, many of them incarcerated for violent crimes such as murder, rape and robbery.
Almost one in six inmates in Arizona, for example, is a Mexican citizen.
"It is a phenomenon that law enforcement recognizes as a major problem," said one undercover detective, who specializes in street gangs and goes by the name "Paco." It is unfortunate that the Hispanic community does not recognize the connection between the large number of illegal aliens and the crimes some of them commit. Their support of illegal aliens signals their disdain for the rule of law.
The jails in Maricopa County, Arizona are 4,500 inmates over capacity. The inmates include drug users and violators and illegal aliens.
Most Mexicans, aided and abetted by the Mexican government, cross the border looking for work, but competition is fierce for jobs requiring uneducated, unskilled labor. Many illegal immigrants find themselves far from realizing their dreams.
"We come over here to find a better life," said inmate Tony Perez, a convicted drug dealer. Despite a large number that do when they can’t find work, not all of us are here to sell drugs or to do bad things.
Phoenix jails house 1,200 criminal aliens, including Perez, who by law should have been deported. But because of federal bureaucracy and an overburdened system, only the most dangerous felons are actually sent home. Even when deportation is ordered, about 60 percent of orders are ignored. The borders are so porous that many of the felons who are deported quickly return to continue their lives of crime in the U.S. No wonder states overrun with illegal aliens are frustrated by the unwillingness of the present Administration to take a hard line on border violations.
Criminals find sanctuary in the ethnic communities making it difficult to sort them out from law abiding citizens, some of whom are supportive of the illegals. There has yet to be a sign of any concerted action on the part of Hispanic citizens to join others in opposing the invasion of illegals who will depress wages, increase crime, and ultimately impact their quality of life and standard of living. As loyal citizens, they need to be fully engaged in ridding our country of this plague. Instead many if not most continue to oppose the measures needed to accomplish that goal.
Christian Higuera, who is serving time for assault, has fathered an illegitimate child, born in Arizona. He said he hopes he will be allowed to stay with his child, an American citizen, once he gets out of jail. The flawed 14th Amendment may enable him to do so. This is just one small example of why some modification of the Amendment is badly needed. If Higuera’s hopes are realized, all illegal aliens will realize that all they have to do to avoid deportation is to father a child in the U.S. That is already common knowledge among the illegals. Governmental clerical offices are crowded with illegals with their newborns wasting no time to get their hands on this important document that may ultimately mean the difference between deportation and the ability to remain and work in the U.S.
"If somebody has a proclivity for criminal activity already established, they will continue in that vein," said Paco. And criminal activity in Mexican border towns has become increasingly violent and is beginning to spill over into the U.S.
In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding homicide warrants and 60 percent of outstanding felony warrants are for illegal aliens. Welcome to “Aztlanista” nirvana or Mexico Norte.
American taxpayers are paying for the crimes of the 8,000 convicted aliens not yet caught and the incarceration costs of those who have been.
That adds up to more than $1 billion a year — in just the states that border Mexico. The people of Arizona have made a statement through their elected representatives that they want “no más”, enough is enough. The Hispanic activists are vigorously signaling there approval of border violations and are apparently willing to accept costs of crowded classrooms and prisons and budget-busting Medicaid and other social services as long as they fall primarily on others.


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