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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Open Letter to President Obama

President Barak Hussein Obama
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President,

I respectfully disagree with you regarding SB1070 recently signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Instead of being a "misguided threat to the basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans," it is an affirmation of the rule of law as the very foundation of all civilized societies. This bill might have been unnecessary had the federal government provided more leadership in identifying, apprehending, and repatriating the illegal aliens who are surplus to the needs of our economy.

Although the mass deportation of illegals at their own or their employers' expense is logistically feasible, there are few advocates for that approach. Did you know that, using a heavily damaged transportation system, eight million ethnic Germans were repatriated back to the heartland of Germany from the Eastern Territories in less than a year following WW II? Therefore, with modern transportation systems in good repair, the logistics of repatriation would not be that difficult.

Of course, no one wants illegal aliens to be treated as poorly as the German civilians were, many of whom died for lack of food and adequate clothing during the winter journey.

You warned earlier Friday that the law, "threaten[s] to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe." I disagree. Properly implemented with due regard for the rights of all of our citizens, this new law could help Arizona to regain control of its critical, crime-ridden border with Mexico. I have strongly recommended to the governor that she send a letter to all of the enforcement jurisdictions in Arizona to urge them to treat anyone that they stop with courtesy and dignity, giving them a full opportunity to prove their citizenship without the need for extended detention.

By cooperating with the police in the implementation of this law, residents of all communities will build the mutual trust needed to enable the police to keep them safe from the Mexican drug smugglers and violent gangs and rid their neighborhoods of illegal aliens.

I am surprised that you think this law undermines our basic notions of fairness. I am a fairminded citizen and I thoroughly approve of this new law. I have provided a copy of it to Colorado legislators urging similar action as soon as possible.

The gross failure of the federal government to implement effective internal enforcement policies that enable the Immigration and Naturalization Service to identify and sanction miscreant employers and apprehend illegal aliens is a travesty of the highest order. That is what violates my sense of fairness.

The E-verify system has yet to result in any citizen being permanently denied a job. Without implementation of this system across the board for all employers, public and private, and all employees, both current and potential new hires, your Administration and the Congress will always be seen as giving only lip service to border security in depth. Our borders cannot be secured without vigorous and continuous internal enforcement to buttress improvements in infrastructure, staffing and the rules of engagement at the border.

SB1070 is a essential first step toward quick and easy identification and apprehension of those who have violated our border. I ask you to ignore the noise you hear from supporters of illegal aliens. Those who give precedence to illegal aliens over the wishes of most Americans imperils the rule of law and the safety of citizens. They are being disloyal. Their allegiance to the country is highly suspect.

I favor a federal grant to Arizona to equip all of its police cruisers with communications equipment that would enable officers to check the credentials of any individual on the spot for name/social security number mismatches, duplicate social security numbers,and the names and numbers found on drivers licenses and green cards against a national data base. This equipment would be similar to the communications device already used to check auto license numbers against a list of stolen vehicles. Such a system would assure that those whose bona fides check out could be quickly on their way with the thanks of the officers for their cooperation. It is the same system that should be used by all employers on a mandatory basis.

Two of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting immigration under control are chain immigrations which multiply the number allowed to enter our country and the 14th Amendment which creates instant citizens of the offspring of tourists and illegal aliens. All these interlopers have to do is get across the border just in time to deliver their babies in American hospitals at the expense of taxpayers. It seems entirely fitting to ask the high court whether a new law could be written to interpret the 14th Amendment to require at least one parent to be a citizen before the child can achieve instant citizenship by accident or design of his or her birth on this side of the border.

There are many other related issues here such as the need for a national objective of a stable population in recognition of our finite natural resources and the desire of everyone to maintain his or her standard of living and quality of life. Those issues will have to be addressed on another occasion. We are headed toward a population of more than 458 million people by mid-century and perhaps more than a billion by end of the century. How many people is enough? Are we "fiddling while Rome is burning?" Population-driven economic growth is ultimately unsustainable. Let’s reform immigration and tax policies in ways that will enable a stable population and a soft landing for our economy.

The 2007 and 2008 CIR bills were defeated because they increased legal immigration and swept the millions of illegal aliens under the carpet by granting them what amounted to mass legalization. That is not the kind of reform we want or need. It is strictly a special interest idea that the American people do not support.

Legal immigration numbers must be tied directly to the umemployment rate by sector within our economy.



American Citizen and can prove it said...

What a brilliant letter! You should go into politics ultima.

Dee-do you ever go to ultima's blog and post any thing? You always disagree with him--do you disagree with this post?

I will post on your blog right now dee challenging you to post your comment on ultima's "open letter to president obama" but I am sure you will not post my comment on your blog.

patriot said...

I agree, it is a brilliant letter, Ultima. You are a loyal American and I commend you.