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Thursday, September 23, 2010

No New Amnesty!

History demonstrates that another amnesty will encourage more desperate people to come here illegally. It happened after the 1986 amnesty. In that instance, 3 million people were legalized on the premise that there would be robust immigration enforcement to stop more people from coming, according to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. The U.S. administration failed to provide this promised enforcement and millions more came here illegally; and still coming.

Rector stated" Current immigration practices, both legal and illegal, operate like a system of trans-national welfare outreach bringing millions of fiscally dependent individuals into the U.S. This policy needs to be changed. U.S. immigration policy should encourage high-skill immigration and strictly limit low-skill immigration. In general, government policy should limit immigration to those who will be net fiscal contributors, avoiding those who will increase poverty and impose new costs on overburdened U.S. taxpayers."

Means-tested programs are typically termed welfare programs. Unlike direct benefits, means-tested programs are available only to households below specific income thresholds. Means-tested welfare programs provide cash, food, housing, medical care, and social services to poor and low-income persons. For example, children in illegal immigrant households are eligible for and do receive public education. We all know by now nobody asks for immigration status at the emergency room, whereas Americans must supply a driver’s license and SS #. So then debt collection companies can hunt YOU unmercifully for payment, while illegal aliens walk out never to be seen again.

The Us Border Patrol estimates that an average of 10,000 illegal aliens cross the border every day - over 3 million per year. A third will be caught and many of them immediately will turn around and try again. About half of those remaining will become permanent (ILLEGAL) U.S. residents.

Illegal aliens have cost billions of taxpayer-funded dollars for medical services. Dozens of hospitals in Texas, New Mexico Arizona, and California, have been forced to close or face insolvency since federally-mandated programs requiring free emergency room services to illegal aliens. Taxpayers pay half-a-billion dollars per year incarcerating illegal alien criminals.

In just the state of California in relating to birthright citizenship FAIR estimates "there are currently between 287,000 and 363,000 children born to illegal aliens each year. This figure is based on the crude birth rate of the total foreign-born population (33 births per 1000) and the size of the illegal alien population (between 8.7 and 11 million). In 1994, California paid for 74,987 deliveries to illegal alien mothers, at a total cost of $215.2 million (an average of $2,842 per delivery). Illegal alien mothers accounted for 36 percent of all Medi-Cal funded births in California that year."

EVERY INCUMBENT, CAREER POLITICIAN WHO HAS A BAD IMMIGRATION RECORD, BEGINNING WITH SEN. HARRY REID AND HIS CZARS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THEIR SEAT IN WASHINGTON. THE ASYLUM IN WASHINGTON NEEDS A CHANGE OF GUARDS? JOIN NUMBERSUSA AND AID IN FIGHTING AGAINST AMNESTY OR BENEFITS FROM THIS INVASION. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Tell your Representative in Washington at 202-224-3121 and State level officials. Remember illegal aliens could have voted in the midterm elections? The Obama administration has shown its true colors, that illegal immigration is a great way to collect votes in the future by pacifying large minority groups.



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