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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dee Perez-Scott - Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

These are some of the responses I would have made at the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Dee: President Obama is trying to fix the economy but the Republicans are blocking him every step of the way.

Ultima: Maybe you should also consider how many critical Democrat "no" votes that have thwarted Obama’s plans at one time or another. The current debate on whether all of the tax cuts should be extended is a good example. Even if all the Republicans vote against any measure to raise the taxes on the wealthy, the Democrats would still have the votes to push it through. However, enough of the Democrats are siding with the GOP at this time to keep tax increase on the wealthy from passing. In other words, it is members of his own party that are thwarting Obama’s tax plan on the basis that a tax increase doesn’t make any sense during a recession. Such a tax increase could have some negative impact on small businesses.

Dee: Bush sent us off the cliff and we could have been in a deep depression if not for the bailouts and the stimulus programs.

Ultima: As I recall, the Bush Administration took the first step in reaction to the the banking crisis. It was appropriate to hand the ball off to Obama at that point. The criticism of the bailouts and the stimulus programs is due to: politics in an election year; the sometimes irrational reactions of people who are hurting because of the recession; and the legitimate criticism of the programs because of their mismanagement and failures.

Dee: Control us? Are you talking about regulation? During Bush's regime, they deregulated everything. Now look what's happening with BP and Eggs/Poultry and Beef.

Ultima: These events all took place on Obama’s watch. As I recall, a top administrator was removed because of the failure to properly supervise BP’s activities under the existing law. Similarly, no new legislation has been passed and yet the Eggs/Poultry industry has been under scrutiny as permitted by existing laws. The unfortunate incident in that industry is less the result of de-regulation than it is of administrative failures and the shortages of manpower to do the necessary inspections. In many respects this is an exact parallel to the failures of the Obama Administration to audit employers who hire illegal aliens. They have already have the tools they need to do those audits but have failed to do so. You can't blame that on the Bush Administration. These are just policy, enforcement, and administrative failures.

Independent Stan: (the older of the two, chuckling to himself) You know these were exactly the same conditions before Hitler came into power.

Dee: Oh yes, I know and he was a great orator too (eyes roll).

Ultima: Both of you are exactly right. People tend to pursue radical solutions when economic times are tough. Wasn’t it Rahm Emanuel who said something about taking advantage of every crisis to get something done? That is exactly what Hitler did even though his initial Putsch failed and he served time as a result. When economic conditions are desperate, a nation is vulnerable to power grabs and freedom infringement. Some say that is what is happening in America in a very subtle way.

Dee: Oh yeah, kick them all out and then we're stuck with the wacko Tea Party candidates.

Ultima: Most of the candidates are still from the main stream in both parties so there’s no need to worry about Congress being taken over by wackos from the right or the left. They may, however, shake up both parties enough for them to get the message that business as usual behind closed doors with lobbyists will not be tolerated. If Congress was paying attention it would never have proposed an end to "don't ask, don't tell" during wartime, it would have outlawed amnesties for illegal aliens, it would have cited a certain Obama fundraiser for treason, and it would have taken steps to pare down the size of government by getting rid of the new departments that have been created since 1950, and it would have frozen the entire federal budget until the budget is balanced and the national debt is reduced to 35% of GDP. Maybe the Tea Party candidates will cause the Congress to shake off its lethargy and begin to address those problems.

Dee: And what about Christine McConnell in Delaware?

Ultima: If you turned over all of the political rocks, you would find all kinds of unsavory squiggly things under them about just about every Congressman and woman. McDonnell was suffering economically like many Americans and earlier also indulged in some youthful indiscretions. Who hasn’t? I guess if she mishandled PAC money, she will hear from the Federal Elections Commission. Her selection as the GOP nominee had more to do with her RINO opponent than her own personal qualifications. Nevertheless, if she wins, I believe the office will make her into an effective senator (the office makes the man or the woman in this case!)

Dee: I agree. But let's get back to the real issue. We do need a Jobs Program.

Ultima: This is something we all agree on. However, it is the GOP that has always been considered the party of the businesses, both big and small, that create the jobs. Investments in new plant, equipment, and hiring are all in limbo because of the tax, health care, and other uncertainties related to actions and plans of the Obama Administration. The sooner these uncertainties are clarified the sooner companies will be willing to use the cash in their balance sheets and whatever they can borrow to put America back to work. Pulling good paying jobs back into the U.S. is important but both parties know that any action in this area that increases the price of goods people want is a politically losing proposition. There are a number of jobs that were formerly done by citizens but have now been taken over by illegal aliens. So one way to create jobs is to repatriate the illegal aliens
who are in jobs Americans will take if offered a living wage.

Independent Stan: I bet you believe the President is not an American.

Ultima: Although there are some indications to the contrary, most people accept that he was born in Hawaii and is therefore a natural born citizen. However, some people are still disturbed by the fact that his aunt allegedly said that she witnessed his birth in Kenya. It is interesting that none of the mainstream media bothered to send an investigative reporter to Kenya to get the facts first hand. Also, in spite of what you say about his birth certificate, others continue to question why the original document has not been made available for inspection by experts. Did you know that Hawaii will issue a "certificate of live birth" even for those who weren’t born there? Did you know that a "certificate of live birth" is different from the actual original birth certificate? It is this secrecy about Obama’s original birth certificate, as opposed to a copy or certificate of live birth, that raises people’s concern. Obama could remove any doubt by directing the State of Hawaii to make the original available for inspection by anyone who wishes to do so.

Stan: I've seen his Birth Certificate and they had a birth announcement the week after he was born. Come on. They've shown the same kind we all have. And he's not a Muslim anyway. It wouldn't even matter if he was one. freedom of religion. Remember? That argument is silly.

Ultima: Not so fast there, Stan. If you have seen his original birth certificate, you are the only one who has. Do you have any idea how easy it is to get a birth announcement into the newspaper? If it was important to establish a child’s status as a natural born citizen that would be fairly easy to do. My uncle, who was born in Dallas in 1884, had no birth certificate. He finally got one after his older sister initiated an affidavit attesting to the fact that she had firsthand knowledge of his birth.

I think we should take Obama at his word that he is a Christian. However, everyone has to also agree that there were many Muslim influences in his life and his own writings and public statements reflect his pro-Islam position. Accordingly, those who still have legitimate doubts about him are not “silly.” After his election, Obama visited several mosques before he ever made an appearance in a church in Washington. Therefore, a little skepticism is certainly in order and that is not silliness. As far as the freedom of religion goes, one has to ask: if Obama was a sub rosa advocate of all of the barbarous practices prescribed by Sharia Law, would you still defend him under the 1st Amendment?

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