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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott is at it again.

She wrote,
“The Debt Ceiling has been raised. Congress has passed the bill, rife with homage to the insane Tea Party Republicans. Our President has bowed down to their demands. He lost command of the dialogue. He AGAIN has conceded to the ‘right of Center.’”
What she doesn’t understand is that the American people have always been “right of center” and any president to be successful has had to move to the right of center. Now that Obama has seen the light Dee is abandoning him when earlier she was singing his praises to the high heavens.
The Tea Party, of course, is the only sane party in Washington. All others seem to be bent on bankrupting America. The Democrat Party in particular has become the real tax, spend and borrow party. The American people don’t want any new taxes right now. Recent events have shown how fragile our and the European economies are. Dee has no understanding of these matters and would make matters worse. She is not satisfied with almost half of the people in this country paying no income taxes. She wants us all on the dole. Then who will pay the bills of government.
Obama turns out to be a realist. You take what you can get. Both sides were unhappy with the debt ceiling deal. It may yet be undoing of our country now that it is on credit watch and now that China has downgraded out debt. The Republicans didn’t get the cut, cap and balance deal our country so desperately needs. The Democrats didn’t get the tax increases they wanted.
In this bill, in Dee’s hyperbole::
“. Tax Cuts for the Rich are continued!
. We will see massive Reductions for the Poor and Middle Class.
. No extensions for the Unemployed.
. Possible impact to Medicare and Unemployment.”

Dee is out of her depth on budget matters. She doesn’t understand how large the entitlement portion of the budget is. If we are to make any headway in reducing the national debt over the next ten years, there will have to be modest changes in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid or we will all go down with the ship. The realists don’t advocate reductions in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security but they are smart enough to realize that the budget cannot be balanced otherwise and the debt cannot be paid down. Dee’s agenda has been written by George Soros and Move On. She doesn’t understand what she is advocating but continues blithely down the path of the ignorant. She wants more indigent immigrants and amnesty for the illegal aliens to drain our Medicaid and social services coffers. Every one of them has the potential for reducing our and her standard of living and quality of life. Blinded by ideology, she doesn’t get the connection.
She is under the illusion that millions of illegals are being deported when in fact Obama and DHS have subverted all of the relevant immigration laws, ignoring them with impunity. Only the ignorant think as she does. There will be no end to education, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and the minimum wage. That’s just some more of the Obama-brand scare tactics like: our soldiers won’t get paid and the Social Security checks won’t go out. Instead he should have said: I am suspending all foreign aid immediately until our financial crisis abates; I am reducing federal employment to the level of the 1960s, I am terminating all subsidies of all kinds: agri-business, Amtrak, rural airports, rural internet, and other big business subsidies; I am terminating all of the nonessential program we have enacted that have dragged us into budget deficits. This is the only way we can get out of debt and get American moving again.

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Anonymous said...

Dee will never accept the truth. Her bottom line agenda trumps everything.

Anyone who stands in the way of her ideologies (mostly the coddling of illegal aliens of her ethnic group) will get smeared and lied about by her. She blames the right for everything that is wrong with this country. The right are all racists according to her also.

I can't even stand to read her blog anymore. It is nauseating beyond belief! I am glad that you still expose this anti-American traitor in here.