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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott: Race Baiting!

Respect is earned regardless of your skin pigment. Thomas Sowell, Martin Luther King and Clarence Thomas, Cesar Chavez, Marco Rubio, and Dr. Alvarez earned the respect of most all that know them and that respect had nothing to do with the pigment of their skin. It has to do with the content of their character. Williams Ayers, Jessie James and Saul Alinsky are worthless garbage who happen to be lighter than the first three.

A Cardinal and a Blue Jay are both birds but cannot interbreed because they are not the same the same species. A wasp and a hornet cannot interbreed because they are not the same species. Humans are all the same species and the sooner we leave the race card behind, the better the society will be. Obama has amplified race and sent it back 50 years because of his socialism. It has nothing to do with his pigment of skin, it has to do with his lack of content of his character.

I don't care what color anyone is or if their eyes slant or if they have horns on their heads. Get over it Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Dee Perez-Scott, your race baiting is making a fool of your race. Get over it, get some character and you will succeed regardless of pigment!

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