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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dee Perez-Scott: You should be able to understand the threats of continued population growth

With the decline in the number of White births in the U.S. and the rise of the births of minorities, there is nothing left to take hold of except population growth, which cannot be worked for the good of any citizen.   It, therefore, seems proper and right that we should seek a depth of understanding among both Whites and  minorities intelligent enough to understand that a stable population is in their own enlightened best interests.  Our finite natural resources mean that every addition to our population will reduce the amount of those resources available to each of us and thereby inevitably increase their cost.   This logically applies to the world population as well as our own.
How can this message be effectively delivered to everyone?  Everyone must be made to understand that continued population growth will ultimately result in a decline in the average standard of living and quality of life for us and our posterity.   Enlightenment will be difficult to achieve.  It will require the efforts of everyone: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, citizens and immigrants, but this is only way we can enable the enactment of enlightened immigration and tax policies aimed at the common objective of a stable population.

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Anonymous said...

Dee doesn't want our population growth curbed just as long as the growth comes from Latinos and other minorities. She hates white, conservative Americans and wants to see that part of our society diluted by continued illegal immigration from mostly Latino countries. Her utopian world would be a Latino majority in this country. She is a racist, ethnocentric thru and thru. She doesn't give a damn if this country goes down the toilet just as long as white conservatives are the minority or no longer exist in this country.