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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dee Perez-Scott: Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Summer

The Muslim Brotherhood celebrates in Tahrir Square after their Islamist candidate, Mohammed Morsi, has been confirmed as the winner of  the Egyptian presidential election.  How many women can you count in this picture?

Th supporters of the military's choice said they did not want to see the Muslim Brotherhood come to power and impose their Islamic agenda. They say the talk is that  the U.S. helped to empower the Muslim Brotherhood and that the Obama Administration has no idea how dangerous and radical the Muslim Brotherhood is.    On the other hand, this may well be exactly what Obama wanted . The Arab Spring is turning into the Obama Muslim Brotherhood Summer.

One has to wonder why any women in Egypt voted for Morsi since they will sent to the back of the bus once he is sworn in.  Who knows what the full range of restriction's on women will be?  Will they be allowed to drive?  Will they have to wear a bhurkas?  Will their husbands be allowed to beat them as necessary?  This would be an excellent place for Dsee Perez-Scott to learn a lesson she would never forget.  Should we buy her a one way ticket to Egypt?


Anonymous said...

dee has a poster, her alter ego LMJ who pops up when she needs someone to complement her or agree with her. She claims to have 20,000to 25,000 viewers per month but a fraction of less than one percent who comment on her blog. How can that be? The only commentor I see is Vicente who is usually off subject and I question his mental capabilities. I know she looks at your blog ultima because deep down she knows you speak the truth. So dee, quit posting lies on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, Anon. I laughed also when she was bragging about how many hits she had in her blog and the damned fool doesn't realize that most are reading it to see what new outrageous lies she will tell next. Yes, how does she explain that she hardly has any comments in her blog if she is getting so many hits from those who agree with her? What a duffass.

I am with you Ultima she needs a ticket to Muslimland or better yet a one way ticket to Mexico since that is where her love and loyalty lays. It sure isn't with this country and our citizens.