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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Traitors - Do you recognize any of these names?

The Republican Senators listed on the left below  have reneged on their promises  to vote against amnesty.  Some if not all have been bought off by Senate majority leadership with provisions in the amnesty bill that provide extra funds to the states of those GOP senators who agree to vote for the amnesty bill, S.744.

The Democrat Senators who have done likewise even though they are from "Red" States.
If you recognize the names of any of your senators, please call them to voice your extreme displeasure with their votes.  Ask them to reconsider and honor their promises.

This is another of those thousand page bills that obscure a variety of provisions that serve special interests rather than the American people.  It was largely written by representatives of La Raza, unions and the chamber of commerce.  Ordinary Americans and those with opposing view were not allowed to participate.  And don't be fooled by Senators McCain, Rubio, Flake and Graham's participation on the Gang of Eight.  They were the senators who least represented  their party's position.  No  other choice could have been worse.

It's difficult to see how this process in any way resembles the democratic process we expect from our government. 

Rubio                    Stabenow

Corker                  McCaskill

Wicker                 Donelly

Ayotte                  Hagan

Flake                     Landrieou

Hatch                   Tester

Heller                   Pryorf








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