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Monday, June 10, 2013

Vote Against Cloture on Amnesty Bill

Tell your Senators Deceptions Will Not Be Tolerated. Filibuster The Gang-Of-Eight Amnesty Bill!


In a matter of hours, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will bring the Gang-of-Eight Amnesty bill to the floor of the Senate. It will take only 41 votes to deny him cloture and kill this Amnesty bill. Tell your senators that the American people expect them to vote against cloture or any motion to proceed.  You must do this today to have any effect!  Phone, fax or email your senators now.

Here's what your senators need to hear:
"I am are going to be blunt. You may be thinking that you can vote in favor of  cloture and then vote against the legislation after it hits the floor.  The American people will not be fooled by this deception.  You need  to vote "no" on any motion to proceed.

If you vote "yes" on cloture, you won't get away with telling the American people that you opposed Amnesty.  Disabuse yourself of that ridiculous notion right now.

Put another way, a vote in opposition to filibustering the Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill will be viewed as a vote in favor of Amnesty... PERIOD!

This Gang-of-Eight Amnesty bill can't be fixed and it should not be debated. The sooner you kill this fraudulent immigration legislation, the sooner you can enact real immigration reform. Kill it now!  Vote "no" on cloture or any motion to proceed.

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