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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Different Perspectives


Lupita said...

What is the joke? I increased the text size as far as it would go, which is considerable, and I still cannot make out what it says.

ultima said...

Try double clicking on the cartoon. It's the old story of an illegal who is being deported complaining about family separation even though he has the option of taking his family with him including those who are American citizens by birth.

Simple solution.

When asked what the Mexicans think of secure borders, the Mexican says, "What borders?"

ultima said...

Here's what's in the bubbles from left to right:
Uh, oh!This looks like a false document!

Yeah! I've been working illegally in America for years now.

I was pursuing the American Dream! I got married...raised a family...and now I suppose you want to send me back to Mexico.

Sorry, you broke our law.

But my kids are American citizens now. This will tear apart our family.

No! You can take them with you. Simple solution.

Where do Mexicans stand on border control?

What borders?

Confused? Yep!

Lupita said...

Thanks, I did not know that double click maneuver. With that and my glasses on, I was actually able to read the cartoon. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to transcribe it.