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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Instant Citizenship in LA

Pedro took the oath along with sixteen other illegals, all of them crouched and huddled sideways to be able to lay one finger-tip on the Bible to swear allegiance. There just weren't enough Bibles to go around. The witnesses swore they had known every one of the applicants for eight years or longer, all those years spent in LA, had good, steady work. The judges were getting hoarse swearing them all in. All the new instant citizens had to promise to vote the straight Atzlanista ticket of course.


Dee said...

Ulty, Did you make this up? url?

ultima said...

Yes, it is more or less made up from a paraphrase of a paragraph from a book by Richard Condon called "Mile High". The protagonists in that case were the illegals of New York and the politicos of Tammany Hall, another example of the potent power of this kind of alliance.