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Monday, September 24, 2007

Pick your presidential candidate

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Dee said...

This was a good link. I am in sync with my candidates. Except Abortion. I do not favor abortion.

mirrorism said...

Dennis Kucinich - 20.0
Chris Dodd - 18.0
John Edwards - 18.0
Hillary Clinton - 15.0
Barack Obama - 15.0
Bill Richardson - 15.0
Joe Biden - 12.0
Mike Gravel - 11.0
Rudy Giuliani - 10.0
Ron Paul - 10.0
Sam Brownback - 8.0
Mike Huckabee - 6.0
Mitt Romney - 6.0
Duncan Hunter - 5.0
John McCain - 5.0
Mike Gilmore - 3.0
Tom Tancredo - 2.0
District Attorney Arthur Branch - 2.0

mirrorism said...

Rudy Giuliani, the great republican-hope? Yikes!

tweety said...

Gee what a coincidence that you use the work "yikes" in your post, mirror. Dee uses that one all the time. Kind of eery, hmmm. Sock puppet?

mirrorism said...

My bad... What I meant to say...

Rudy "9-11!" Giuliani, the great-republican-hope? Nice!

Anonymous said...

Mirror Ultima
Dennis Kucinich - 20.0 1.0
Chris Dodd - 18.0 1.0
John Edwards - 18.0 4.0
Hillary Clinton - 15.0 4.0
Barack Obama - 15.0 4.0
Bill Richardson - 15.0 7.0
Joe Biden - 12.0 9.0
Mike Gravel - 11.0 1.0
Rudy Giuliani - 10.0 9.0
Ron Paul - 10.0 5.0
Sam Brownback - 8.0 11.0
Mike Huckabee - 6.0 11.0
Mitt Romney - 6.0 14.0
Duncan Hunter - 5.0 14.0
John McCain - 5.0 12.0
Jim Gilmore - 3.0 11.0
Tom Tancredo - 2.0 14.0
District Attorney Arthur Branch - 2.0 ?

ultima said...

I don't know why that last post came out under the anonymous moniker. It should have said Ultima. It compares my results with Mirror's. I think the Kucinich result is interesting.
I kinda like the guy for his stand on NAFTA and for his feistiness but that didn't help him overall because of his stand on other matters, I guess. Needless to say, I am surprised. Overall my pick would be Mitt Romney. Mike Gravel's irreverence is also appealing but not an especially good fit for me.

ultima said...

So what were the scores of your top 5 candidates, Dee?

mirrorism said...

District Attorney Arthur Branch is a character on Law & Order played by Fred Thompson. He was excellent on the show, but that was mostly because he basically played himself; for the death penalty, for domestic spying, etc.

The DA before him was Nora something played by Dianne Weist; she was an uber-liberal District Attorney.

Anyway, I can't say I pay much attention to this, but when I did watch the debates I preferred the candidates in the same order as this thing came out. I thought it was because I tend to root for the underdog, but it looks like I agreed with their stands as well.

No matter, Clinton is most likely going to win. Which is terrible; she's not going to be much different than Bush in anything, but her party label.

ultima said...

I used to think there was a Democrat Party and a Republican Party. It isn't so. There is only one political party, formed by the two pretend parties wearing their labels like party hats and joining their hands in a circle around their prey, the Democrats on the left and the Republicans on the right squeezing their prey and offering inducements for a vote all the while listening to those outside the circle, the heavy-hitter, big donors, criminal contributors, special interests, etc.

tweety said...

Wow, something Mirror and I finally agree on. I think Hillary will win too but I don't think it is going to be a good thing for this country. Of course I feel that way about any Democrat.

mirrorism said...

Ultima, what about Ron Paul? He's different. "Man of the constitution." Opposes immigration. Opposes US occupation of Iraq. Wants to end the "war on drugs." Opposes universal health care. Is for fiscal responsibility. Some good ideas, but some wacky ones that I won't even mention they're so wacky.

His constituency is growing, but I think they're nuts, because he and MAYBE his vice-president and members of his cabinet would be the only politicians in America who agree with his views.

I think he'll run on the third party ticket as a libertarian. Which is bad news for the republican candidate.

Tweety, I never said Hillary winning is a good thing.

Well, actually, it is a good thing in the name of social progress in America, but it's terrible because it will just be more of the same thing we've had for 20 years; e.g. either a Bush or Clinton in office.

You want to bring their parties into this, but why? The Bushes and Clintons are one and the same; they have the same interests, beliefs, policies, and goals. Substitute Bushes and Clintons with republicans and democrats and that statement still rings true.

tweety said...

Mirror, nor did I say that you said that Hillary winning would be a good thing. In fact you said it would be a terrible thing and I agreed with you. Except she might be better than Bush. That wouldn't take too much.

Ron Paul opposes immigration? Got a link on that one?

The Bushes, the Clintons and the Kennedys' will go down in history as the destroyers of this country.

Dee said...

Here are the scores, but I don´t support Dodd because I don´t think he will win. I prefer Hillary-Obama ticket.

1. Dodd 14
2. Hillary 13
3. Obama 13
4. Edwards 9
5. Huckabee 8

You don´t see an high scores. That is because I am against Abortion. Against the Death Penalty.

tweety said...

Tancredo - 18.0
Huckabee, Hunter and Romney - 14.0
Obama - 8.0
Clinton - 7.0

No use in posting the others as they are insignificant with my views.

mirrorism said...

Tweety, I thought you knew about Ron Paul--I could have sworn seeing you defend him on Dee's blog or on matt.

Anyway, his views on immigration are similar to those of Tancredo, but he's not a complete idiot one-issue candidate.

tweety said...

mirro, I have never even mentioned Ron Paul in this blog or in Matt. I have never defended him either. Actually I don't know a lot about him really. I should study up on him I guess. Tancredo is my man so I guess I wasn't that interested.

Tancredo is not a one issue candidate either. I saw him on a debate a couple of weeks ago with other candidates and he had plenty of opinions and ideas on other issues.

mirrorism said...

My mistake.

You can be like Dee and support Paul, not because you totally agree with him, but because he has a much better chance to win.

tweety said...

I will check on his credentials. However, if Dee likes him, I am sure I would not, lol. I know Tancredo's chances at this point are slim to none but I still support him anyway. Who knows though what another year will bring.

mirrorism said...

Lol, Dee definitely doesn't like him.

What I mean is that Dee is supporting Clinton, because she has a great chance to win even though Dee's own stances are more in line with Dodd's. So you can support Paul, because he has a chance, albeit slim, of winning while Tancredo probably has no chance.

I don't see anything wrong with distancing yourself from the "dogs that won't hunt" or whatever that saying says.

I've noticed that elections can be lost by Freudian slips, Tancredo has already had one when he said that he'd bomb Muslin holy sites, he's more than likely going to do it again. Paul won't do that..

Lol.. It may seem that I am a Paul supporter recruiting you,--I think they're called Paulites--but he's just the most interesting candidate to me, so I keep up with his campaign.

tweety said...

If I can't have Tancredo, then Duncan Hunter would be my second choice.

Where does Paul stand on illegal immigration? I visited his website but couldn't find his views on that issue.

mirrorism said...

tweety said...

Ok, he sounds fine to me. Thanks for the info, mirror.

ultima said...

Ron Paul was recommended to me by a nephew by marriage from Georgia. He is an unreconstructed confederate. Goes to the Lee-Jackson annual event at the country club in fully confederate regalia. But he's like Ron Paul in his opposition to illegal immigration so he can't be all bad.
My nephew used to have a confederate memorabilia store but finally went back to his profession as a bone crusher. Ron Paul does have some appeal to me.

I see Huckabee shows up on Dee's list. Maybe he should be the compromise candidate.

Dee said...

My compromise candidate would be McCain. Huckabee would be the 2nd compromise.

I don´t trust Guliani. He seems dishonest and a little shifty. Remember his friend he recommended to the Administration? Yikes!

Dee said...

Ulty, I am watching the RNC debates right now.

I also like Brownback. He seems very honest and forthright.

McCain is almost an Independent candidate.

Of the Republican, I think Huckabee and Brownback are honest and logical.

I do not trust Guliani. I do not trust Romney.

Tancredo is ridiculous.
Paul had a very poor showing today. He sounded shrill and illogical. I feel sorry for him. I think he did himself in.

Thompson never had a chance.

Dee said...

They are making fun of Thompson. He does not know the basics. Even Tancredo appears more credible than Thompson and that is not saying much at all.