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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The "Pro-illegals have overplayed their hand

“Pro-illegal” immigration policies and supporters have overplayed the “human-rights” element of the situation. Currently the federal government is cracking down on those who hire illegal immigrants. If they are successful the businesses will have to hire US citizens at higher wages thus increasing not only wages but prices and government revenues.

There will be a lag between high wages and inflation but not a long one. Just as there was a lag between delinquent mortgage payments and foreclosures there will be lag between the crackdown on illegal immigrant’s employment and inflation.

The truth is the US economy has lived on borrowed time due to low inflation, higher wages for “legal” workers and low interest rates. Soon this will change as the pendulum swings the other way.

To those who think that illegal immigration is great because you can hire a cleaning lady on the cheap and get your lawn mowed for pennies on the dollar then I suggest you live in the same standard of living that those illegal immigrants live. Overcrowded, crime-ridden neighborhoods filled with anger for those who have more but a willingness to continue their vicious circle of existence due to the desire to live.

The federal government, by ignoring its own policies and laws, has created a conundrum that only Solomon can get us out of. The question that begs to be answered is, “Who is the Solomon amongst us?” It certainly isn't those who favor mass legalization, open borders, amnesty, increased immigration and more varieties of visas. It certainly isn't those who oppose Official English. It isn't those who oppose clarification of the 14th amendment. It isn't those who think Mexican trucks on American roads is a good thing. It isn't those who favor the interests of foreign government and foreign nationals over the national interest.

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tweety said...

Ultima, you and I know that our country will adjust with the illegals leaving. Our economy survived quite well without them 20-40 years ago and it will again.

I am looking forward to less crowded highways, less crowded schools and hospital emergency rooms, etc. Houses will probably become more affordable and perhaps with less demand on our energy resources those costs will go down too. Perhaps we will even get more affordable health insurance without having to subsidize the illegals healthcare. Even if the cost of a tomato goes up, the decreases in costs of these other items will more than make up for it.

Just think to be able to go into a store and hear mostly English being spoken again and not to have to put up with all those screaming anchor babies everywhere.

I am looking forward to us taking our country back.