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Monday, November 12, 2007

At Last an Immigration Reform Bill We All Can Support.

H.R. 4088, known as the SAVE bill, was recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.[1] In contrast to earlier bills which attempted to be all things to all people, this bill focuses on securing the borders first by buttressing physical improvements at the border with more agents and more internal enforcement.

Under the provisions of this bill, 8,000 more border patrol agents will be added over the next five years with 80% to be deployed on the southern border and 20% on the northern border. This is generally consistent with the perceived volume of illegal aliens violating the borders. Additional positions will also be added to the smuggling and tunneling task forces.

The act provides financial relief to sheriffs’ and local police offices if any part of their jurisdictions lies within 25 miles of the border. It requires the mandatory use of an electronic system for verifying the immigration status of all employees within four years but imposes no penalties if the employment of such illegals is immediately terminated. Mandatory notification of employers who have employees with social security number/ name mismatches or if there have been multiple uses of a social security number and an electronic birth and death registration system are also features of this forward-looking bill. Employers will be denied the authority to deduct from gross income any wages paid to illegal aliens.

This is a very positive bill with 90 bi-partisan co-sponsors. If it passes both Houses of Congress, it will prove that so-called comprehensive reform was both misguided and unnecessary. Securing the borders, always should have been our first priority. Unless or until that happens no one should be talking about regularizing the illegal aliens already present in this country. A stepwise, systematic approach to reform has always been the best approach.

If this bill passes, we can the move on to other urgently needed measures such as the Official English and 14th Amendment reforms.[2],[3] The passage of these measures would facilitate the solution of most of the remaining immigration reform problems including the illegals already present in our country.

Detractors, much to their discredit, like to label “Official English” measures as “English Only”. Official English only means that all official government business must be conducted in English and all government materials such as ballots must be printed only in English.

The 14th Amendment has long been abused by those who seek birthright citizenship for their offspring by whatever means it takes. One way to stop this abuse is to declare that a child is not “under the jurisdiction” of the United States unless at least one parent is a citizen.

Passage of these additional measures would remove two of the remaining impediments to the solution to the larger immigration issues.





patriot said...

Ultima, I can get behind this bill 100%. It is the best solution to holding our employers accountable for verifying an employees right to work in this country and rid ourselves of many if not most of the illegal aliens in our country and securing our borders.

I also agree that the next two things on the list should be passing legislation that re-interprets the birthright citizenship amemdment to only include those children born from at least one citizen parent and English as our Official language.

ultima said...

Patriot, do you think Dee will ever see the light or will she continue to use such hyperbole as "Gestapo State" that serves no productive purpose?

patriot said...

Dee will never see the light. She is too ethnocentric to do so. She puts those who are ethnically like herself above her citizenship and loyalty to this country. I see it on other pro-illegal forums too. You cannot reach these people. You do a heck of a job on her blog though to try and reach her. As I said in there I admire your intelligence, civility and patience in there where I would just like to strangle her sometimes, lol. (just kidding)