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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Foreign Governments & Illegal Aliens

The quarrel about immigration has always been with the irresponsible governments, of both legal immigrants and illegal aliens, that are not doing enough to improve conditions in their own countries so that their people will want to remain in their homelands. We can demonstrate friendship with the foreign-born if they make some effort to understand and comply with our immigration laws and larger concerns about illegal aliens and unfettered population growth.

Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to prove our friendship in our daily attitude and actions toward those among the millions of men and women of foreign-birth and legal entry, who live among us and share our life, and we shall be proud to prove that to all who are in fact loyal to: this country, their fellow citizens, and this government in this period when our loyalties are being tested. They are, most of them, as true and loyal Americans as if they have never known any other allegiance. We expect they will be prompt to stand with us in rebuking and restraining those who may be of a different mind and purpose. If there should be disloyalty, it must be dealt with a firm hand; but if it lifts its ugly head, we all hope that it will be lifted only here and there, not in any organized way or in any organization with racist or separatist agendas or tendencies to illustrate in stark detail their disloyalty and perfidy.

---paraphrased, modified and supplemented from a speech by Prsident Woodrow Wilson

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