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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shades of Lupita Lipinski

We're in deep financial trouble, warns the nation's top number-cruncher. If we stay the course, we'll likely create a debt burden that cannot be repaid. The federal budget is crumbling says David M. Walker, U.S. Comptroller General. The nation continues to borrow at an alarming rate. The country can't afford the Medicare and Social Security benefits it has promised. America's current long-term financial liability (what we're on the hook to pay if nothing changes) is $50.5 trillion. That amounts to $400,000 for each full-time worker in the U.S.. The average annual disposable income per person in 2006 was only $31,519.

Yet, congress has done nothing to reduce the influx of immigrants and illegals who make claims on our diminishing resources and services like SCHIP, Medicaid and Aid to Dependent Children. What are they thinking?


tweety said...

Hmm, it seems that Lupita had disappeared from the radar. Maybe she got deported?

ultima said...

I doubt it but that would certainly be an interesting development.

Lupita said...

Even if I had been deported, why would I not be able to post from wherever I was? It is the World Wide Web, remember?