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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Capitalizing on our Greatest Asset

Because of political expediency and our long term neglect of both our immigration system and the root causes of the political and social tensions over immigration, our country is in serious jeopardy of being reduced to an equilibrium with the poorest nations of the world. We need to provide community based resources to help us better integrate immigrants, streamline our immigration bureaucracy and provide for expeditious handling of illegals when they are apprehended and detained. Immigration laws need to be re-written with the objective of serving America’s legitimate labor needs while protecting American labor from predatory labor dumping at substandard wages. Another objective should be to reduce the number of different types of visas, grossly simplify the procedure for obtaining a visa and to track, fine and expel visa overstays. Chain immigration should be eliminated entirely. Instead, families and relatives must apply as a unit or group so that all can be counted against the quota. Our objective also must be to convince ethnic citizens that it is not in their enlightened self-interest to support, aid and abet illegal aliens or promote an open borders agenda with unconstrained legal immigration. This is the old story that if you divided finite natural resources by an ever increasing population, there will be less for all; the standard of living and quality of life will decline. So our most important immigration objective should be to achieve a stable population with minimum disruption to our economy. That is the prescription of immigration reform.

Those who see unfettered growth as desirable and those who favor their ethnic brethren over their fellow citizens and the national interest and sovereignty need to open their eyes and their minds. Are they willing to sacrifice all that is good about the U.S. to some misbegotten concept of compassion or humanity? What then?

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