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Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Capitulation Scenario

The capitulation scenario is a logical culmination of our present policy of de facto open borders, a high rate of legal immigration, and an amnesty for or mass legalization of illegal aliens, rewarding them with the objects of their illegality--the chance to stay and work in the United States. This leads directly and undeniably to Amexico or Mexico Norte. If we do not adopt secure borders, adopt a deportation strategy, and an assimilationist program with a metered and legal immigration system tailored to achieve a stable population, we shall soon see a culture that is a hybrid civilization initially but becoming increasingly like the homelands of the high fertility-rate immigrants. That would be a culture and civilization not unlike those that already exist in some communities and ethnic enclaves across the United States. The warning signs of that rendezvous with tragedy where entire communities are Hispanicized or Islamized are already known to us. Under a continuation of present policy, Spanish would become the de facto co-equal with English, with all of the added costs in terms of national disunity and resentment on the one hand, and the waste of tax dollars and personal income on the other. Bi-lingualism in government, business and education has never been free. Poverty would become endemic; pressure would increase to permit the imposition of religious doctrines or laws; and the federal government would replace impoverished municipalities and states as the salvation of last resort. With the U.S. and California already bordering on insolvency, this could hardly be construed as a positive development. Schools would erode further, crime would soar; and there would be little opportunity for integration and Americanization—in a word, our country would become Mexico Norte, with oligarchs at the top and the rest of the populace in the second or bottom tier, with religious extremists and zealots waiting in the wings for their turn at the plate.

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