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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Myth of Republican Racism

. Author Michael Scheuer revealed that the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s: Slavery, Secession, Segregation and now Socialism. Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan, passed the Jim Crow laws and fought every piece of civil rights legislation from the 1860’s through the 1960’s. For facts about racist Democrats, read “A Short History of Reconstruction” by Dr. Eric Foner.
. From the founding of the Republican Party as the anti-slavery in 1854 until today, the Republican Party has championed freedom and equality for blacks. Republicans amended the Constitution to grant blacks freedom, citizenship and the right to vote. Republicans started the NAACP and HBCU’s. Republicans pushed to pass every piece of civil rights legislation from the 1860's to the 1960's, including the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Reconstruction Act of 1867 that were overturned by Democrats with the 1894 Repeal Act after they took over Congress in 1892. . Republican Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinois, not Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, pushed through the civil rights laws of the 1960’s. Dirksen was key to the passage of civil rights laws in 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965 and 1968. The chief opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Act were Democrat Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan who is still in Congress. None of those racist Democrats became Republicans. Contrary to claims by Democrats today, the racist Democrats remained Democrats and declared they would vote for a “yellow dog” before a Republican because the Republican Party was the party for blacks. Democrat Public Safety Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor in Birmingham let loose dogs and fire hoses on blacks. South Carolina Democrat Governor Ernest Hollings hoisted the Confederate Flag over that state’s capitol. Democrat Georgia Governor Lester Maddox waved ax handles to stop blacks from patronizing his restaurant. In 1954, Democrat Arkansas Governor Orville Faubus blocked desegregation of a Little Rock public school. Democrat Alabama Governor George Wallace stood in front of the Alabama schoolhouse in 1963 and thundered, "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." None of these racist Democrats became Republicans.
. Senator Barry Goldwater was a Libertarian, not a racist. Goldwater was a member of the Arizona NAACP and helped desegregate the Arizona National Guard. He supported the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1960. He honestly believed that the more extensive 1964 Civil Rights Act was an unconstitutionally grant of federal government power over private citizens. President Richard Nixon’s 1970’s “Southern Strategy” began a 30-year odyssey to get fair-minded people in the South to stop voting for racist Democrats who were discriminating against blacks. Georgia finally switched in 2004. Louisiana has begun switching by electing a man of color, Republican Bobby Jindal, as governor in 2007. Democrats were content when the racist South voted solidly Democrat for 100 years, but now castigate Republicans because some Southerners have gotten over their racial animosity and joined Republicans in treating blacks fairly. . Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd praised former Klansman Senator Byrd as someone who would have been "a great senator for any moment," including the Civil War. Yet, Democrats denounced Senator Trent Lott for his remarks about Senator Strom Thurmond. However, Senator Thurmond was never in the Ku Klux Klan and, after he became a Republican, defended blacks against lynching and discriminatory poll taxes imposed on blacks by Democrats. . Democrats do not mention that former Vice President Al Gore first brought up the issue of Willie Horton against Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis during the 1988 primary election. Notably, former Republican G.H. W. Bush simply raised the Horton issue against Dukakis during the general election.


Dee said...

Your blog is very "picky and choosy" selective.

You forget people like me lived in the sixties. WE know MLK partnered with JFK and LBJ to champion the Civil Rights Movement.

We know both democrats and republicans have been on both sides of the civil rights debate, but today, it is your side that chooses to take the "confederate" side, displaying the confederate flag in some states and embracing the battle hymn of the republic, along with their country music supporters.

MLK and JFK-LBJ were very instrumental in advancing the Civil Rights Movement. It is unfortunate that many on your side today are saying the Civil Rights Movement was a mistake.

Very Sad!

ultima said...

"... the battle hymn of the republic, along with their country music supporters.'

The Battle Hymn was the call to arms to put down the states' rights rebellion, including the right to hold slaves. Why you are looking down your nose at it is hard to fathom as it your elitism regarding country music, a favorite of many our troops in Iraq.

ultima said...

The quotes are from the NBRA publication. I guess their freedom of speech allows them as it does all politic publications to be as picky and choosy selective as they wish. That's the nature of politics.

Certainly BHO is pretty picky and choosy about his recollection of his violation of the Logan Act when he was in Iraq speaking with the Foreign Minister trying to get him to hold off on any agreements regarding troop reductions until after the election so he, if he is elected, can take credit for them rather than allow the Bush administration to do so.