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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dee Perez-Scott -- Another Irrational Rant

Dee says again in her purple prose and hyperbole, "Republican pundits are a Blight on the very Foundation of America!"

She suggests that we accept Muslims uncritically, at face value, because they say they are opposed to Al Qaida and because a few Muslim Americans actually lost their lives on 9/11. She doesn't like it when the broad brush is used on that group but turns right around and impugns and insults all Republicans using the same broad brush approach. What is that called? -- Oh yes, that's hypocrisy!

Did she really expect Muslim Americans to say -- "We support Al Qaida"? They only say that in private as they laugh at how impotent Americans are to keep them from building a mosque to honor those terrorists who gave their lives on 9/11 to make a point for Islam.

Several Muslim Americans are guilty of being terrorists. That is a fact. Not many have been willing to risk all to do this but you can count on many more doing so in the future as radical imams preach jihad in American mosques. And that is not a bold faced LIE.

And here it comes, the two most-used expressions in Dee's vocabulary: racist and racial profiling -- oops she left out one, "hate". She says the Republican view of all of this is racist and racial profiling. I believe she will find that there are Muslims of many races and ethnicities including Hispanics and Anglos. She believes the claim of the Republican pundits goes against the will of our founding fathers. Those are the same white anglo-saxon protestant founding fathers she often denigrates in another context as though they and their successors had no role in the development, settlement and building of America.

She says,"Our country was based on religious freedom. Muslim Americans have the same “freedom of religion” rights as any other Americans. They have every right to re-build their existing mosque a few blocks away from the Twin Towers location."

And, indeed they do even though it is extremely insensitive on their part to do so. They have learned their lessons very well and know exactly how to take full advantage of America's freedoms to promote their own interests while they laugh with glee at our inability to do anything about it. What Muslim country would allow a church to be built in a similar location? The answer is none and even if one existed somewhere in the country, it would not be unusual or unexpected for it to be bombed, as some were in Iraq.

I note that Senate Majority Leader Reid has also denounced the Muslim decision to locate the mosque near ground zero. Pelosi wants anyone who opposes it to be investigated. She should start with Harry Reid.

We don't know for sure what so-called moderate Muslims in America will do or want once they have the political muscle to assert themselves. I'm sure Sharia Law is somewhere in their game plan since none of them have denounced it. This is a serious matter and Dee's effort to politicize it does not help. She didn't mention Harry Reid so it is plain to see what she is trying to do by politicizing the issue.
Political pundits like Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin use their own freedom of speech to speak out about the travesty of the proposed mosque location. That is not WRONG! Even the president was forced to "clarify" his remarks to try to remove the yoke from around his neck of his ringing endorsement of that location. The people of New York will remember that in 2012.

The terrorists and Al Qaida will WIN unless we stay alert to their growing threat right here in America. It is not just the terrorists’ who wish to change America, to change our freedoms and replace them with Sharia Law. This not going to happen over night but it is the stated objective of Islam. That is the blight on the very foundation of America!

"Newt Gingrich compares 'Ground Zero mosque' backers to Nazis." He used with a slightly different Holocaust metaphor when he compared the people behind the proposed mosque, whom he referred to as "radical Islamists" to "Nazis" during an appearance on Fox News. "Nazis don't have the right to put up a sign next to the holocaust museum in Washington," Gingrich insisted. Gingrich then went on to claim that "we would never accept the Japanese putting up a site next to Pearl Harbor." About the only thing I can fault Gingrich for is hyperbole -- something Dee knows all about. Whatever he actually said, when you remove the hyperbole, his message is simply that the Muslims have shown remarkable insensitivity in selecting this site, suggesting perhaps that they may have a hidden agenda.


Anonymous said...


dee lets you post on her blog but does not, most of the time even attempt to debate what you say. She has no "come back". I have not bothered with her blog for a long time as she has her own agenda and it is not beneficial to this country, her country. I work in the medical field and see dee as being mentally unstable.

Dee said...

OMG Ulty.
Must you be obsessed by me?
All of your posts are about me.
Your two readers must be getting bored by this.
Oh wait. I forget.
It's just you and the Dee obsessed "Bad Anon" who posts on my blog with evil viciousness 20 times a day/night.

Stop being so obsessed.

Go back to writing about topics/issues you believe in.

I wouldn't have come over here but Evil Anon was going on and on about your blog so I thought I'd take a peak.

Ulty, you used to be about your view and used your view of logic to support your view. I suggest you go back to that. Otherwise your one or two viewers will suspect you are obsessed by me.

I still like you because in your true heart of hearts, you are a nice man, father, husband and grandfather. You just have to stop your obsession with me and Immigration issues.

ultima said...

Dee, I am not worried about being considered obsessed with you. What I am attempting to do here, in more detail than you allow on your blog, is to refute much of what you have to say in your hateful,one-sided,ethnocentric distortions of the facts. There are a lot more people who read my blog who do not choose to be identified because of the anti-America,anti-GOP, anti-conservative climate you promote.

I use your name prominently as often as I can merely to enable google searches to turn up a different point of view and a different perspective on your biased rants. I believe that approach has been successful and so I will continue to state the facts as I see them as well as my opinions in the same manner as I always have.

If you carefully study your posts and if you were capable of making an objective judgement of them, you would recognize immediately the need for more detailed responses than you allow, even via links which take up no space at all. When links are delayed or not allowed, that is a form of censorship inconsistent with the purposes of your blog.

Please come back often and allow all of the links I provide on your blog so that others can gain a different perspective on the issues you raise.