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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Lamentations of Dee Perez-Scott

Dee Perez-Scott
Don't let that chubby little smile fool you. Behind it lies a person who gives precedence to illegal aliens over the national interest.

Dee rails against everything on the Right regardless of the truth. An advocate, like Dee, or advocacy organization like La Raza, is not interested in truth -- it is committed in advocating a certain position regardless of the facts. Dee is the grand dame of the left-wing, ethnocentric CIR advocates, mainly because, in large part,CIR is synonymous with amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens and easier chain immigration. She, and her cohort, look at the illegals and say, "What is the problem?"

With enough rhetoric from the left, they are able to watch the naked emperor and exclaim, "How splendid the emperor's new clothes; how well they fit; and what a magnificent train." To avoid appearing stupid or insensitive, they see what is not there. And fail to see what is.

The liberal propagandists in the media are nothing but a feeding trough for the supporters of illegals, brewed in a caldron of bias, stirred by anti-America,left-wing statist politicians and elitist social engineers masquerading as humanitarians.
And sucking up like chubby piglets are thousands of myopic idiots. It is a blatant lie put forth by the media and in the blogosphere that attempts to portray opponents of La Raza-style CIR as fringe elements rather than those in the mainstream of America who want their country back.


Anonymous said...

Dee is the most dishonest person I have ever encountered. It is one thing to takes sides on an issue but quite another to lie like a rug to make your points. I really don't know how anyone with a conscience can do this. Especially where one is a mother, wife and grandmother. It really sickens me to read her blog and how she goes on the attack of every American (particulary whites)and the whole Republican party who don't share her anti-American, ethnocentric views. Kudos for you Ultima for exposing her here.

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of dee?

Anonymous said...

Please check out

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't dee post here? Is she afraid?

ultima said...

Yes, that is the real Dee in the photograph.