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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dee's Polemic -- Part Trois -- The Big Lie

Dee's message of hate and devisive vitriol continues as follows: "We all know this change[in the 14th Amendment] attacks Latinos only because they don't care about 'illeegals' from Canada or Europe, only children of color."

By definition, any such change would affect all children born of illegal or tourist parents without regard to race, nationality, or ethnicity. If Latinos were affected more than others, that simply means there are more of them who fall in those categories. Illegals from the south have a long history of abusing the 14th Amendment in large numbers.

Population, natural resource, and environmental concerns provide a further and powerful rational for reinterpreting this amendment.

Dee goes on with her vitriolic tirade saying, "While the nation is busy discussing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform debate, Republicans are piling on. Republicans, during this tough election year, have pulled out all the stops with their "Hate" and "Fear" Election Strategy. Their goal is to scare the heck out of white people in America, against our minority president, against minorities in general. Chris Rock was right. After they rid themselves of Latinos, other minorities are next!"

As pointed out previously, by making such devisive statements without foundation it is clear that Dee is promoting her own brand of hate and fear of we vs them. That is her election strategy. What she is counting on is that 'people always have been foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics, and they always will be...' V.I Lenin. Or 'in the primitive simplicity of their minds [the Hispanics], they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie...' -- A. Hitler.
This exactly what Dee is doing. She believes that if you tell a big lie often enough, people will actually begin to believe it although it is utterly false. Her objective is to scare the heck out of Latinos so they will vote. She libels the entire Republican Party while objecting to any broadbrush treatment of illegals when many of them are involved in crimes.

She knows perfectly well that citizens cannot be deported and that it is therefore impossible to 'rid [the country] ... of Latinos' or any other citizens for that matter. This is just one of her scare tactics. She also knows that the minor children of illegal aliens cannot be deported if they are citizens but some irresponsible parents under a removal order simply choose to abandon them in the U.S. How much better would it be if minor children remained with their parents?

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